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Qty. Cat. No. Title
NWCR521 Milton Babbitt: An Elizabethan Sextette 
NWCR551 Donald Martino/Fred Lerdahl 
NWCR552 Francis Thorne/Nicolas Roussakis/Elliott Carter 
NWCR554 Tobias Picker/Marc Blitzstein 
NWCR555 Ezra Laderman/Lester Trimble 
NWCR557 Songs of Irving Berlin 
NWCR560 Ross Lee Finney 
NWCR561 A (flute) Tribute to Otto Luening 
NWCR562 James Willey 
NWCR563 Erich Itor Kahn 
NWCR564 Rhonda Rider Cello Recital 
NWCR565 Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan 
NWCR568 Music for Flute and Percussion 
NWCR569 Robert Hall Lewis 
NWCR570 Stephen Dembski 
NWCR572 Wallingford Riegger 
NWCR573 Roger Sessions: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, 3 
NWCR574 Irving Fine 
NWCR575 Meyer Kupferman/Richard Wilson 
NWCR576 Music of Barbara Kolb 
NWCR578 James Dashow/Bruce Saylor/Ezra Sims 
NWCR579 Paul Cooper/Samuel Jones 
NWCR580 Fred Lerdahl 
NWCR581 Flute Force 
NWCR582 Joan Tower 
NWCR583 Charles Ives/Martin Bresnick/Judith Shatin 
NWCR584 William Mayer/Dane Rudhyar 
NWCR585 Cole Porter 
NWCR586 Francis Thorne: Burlesque Overture; Rhapsodic Variations No. 1; Liebesrock; Seven Set Pieces; Nature Studies 
NWCR587 Juilliard String Quartet: Sessions/Wolpe/Babbitt 
NWCR588 Henri Lazarof 
NWCR589 Tobias Picker 
NWCR590 Hale Smith/Sheila Silver/Joel Hoffman 
NWCR591 Bernard Rands 
NWCR592 Karel Husa: Symphony No. 1 
NWCR593 Donald Erb 
NWCR594 Wayne Peterson/Martin Brody/John Stewart McLennan 
NWCR595 Dennis Riley/Hugh Aitken/David Evan Thomas/Stanley Wolfe 
NWCR596 Robert Hall Lewis 
NWCR597 Werner Josten: Jungle 
NWCR598 Elliott Schwartz 
NWCR599 John Anthony Lennon 
NWCR600 Otto Luening: No Jerusalem But This. Divertimento. 
NWCR601 Vittorio Rieti 
NWCR602 Richard Wilson 
NWCR603 Tan Dun: Nine Songs 
NWCR604 Dane Rudhyar 
NWCR605 Judith Shatin/Peter Child 
NWCR606 Rosi & Toni Grunschlag: Piano Duo 
NWCR608 Samuel Adler: String Quartets 
NWCR609 Shulamit Ran 
NWCR610 Elliot Carter: Holiday Overture 
info NWCR611 Pioneers of Electronic Music: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80644) 
NWCR612 Robert Starer 
info NWCR613 Lou Harrison: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80643) 
NWCR614 Dominick Argento: Postcard from Morocco (2 Cds) 
NWCR615 To Orpheus 
NWCR616 Robert Erickson 
NWCR617 Susan Blaustein/David Rakowski/Allen Anderson/Sheree Clement 
NWCR618 Robert Starer/Richard Wernick/Richard Wilson 
NWCR619 Peter Tod Lewis 
info NWCR620 Morton Feldman: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80657) 
NWCR621 Ellen Taaffe Zwilich/Eleanor Cory 
NWCR622 Arthur Berger 
NWCR623 Irwin Bazelon 
NWCR624 Nicolas Roussakis 
NWCR625 David Lang: Are You Experienced? 
NWCR626 Guy Klucevsek: Manhattan Cascade 
NWCR627 Conrad Cummings: Photo Op 
NWCR628 Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 1 
NWCR629 Natalie Hinderas: Piano Music by African-American Composers (2 CDs) 
NWCR630 Irving Fine 
NWCR631 Henri Lazarof 
NWCR632 Andrew Imbrie 
NWCR633 Jan Swafford/Glenn Gass 
NWCR634 William Bergsma/Benjamin Lees/David Diamond/Ernest Bloch 
NWCR635 Aaron Jay Kernis: Love Scenes 
NWCR636 Michael Gordon: Big Noise from Nicaragua 
NWCR637 Double Edge - U.S. Choice 
NWCR638 New Cantatas and Madrigals 
NWCR639 William Kraft 
NWCR640 David Macbride 
NWCR641 Paul Moravec 
NWCR642 Gerald Levinson 
NWCR643 Microtonal Music of Ezra Sims 
NWCR644 Edward Joseph Collins 
NWCR645 Evan Ziporyn: Animal Act 
NWCR646 Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 2 
NWCR647 Alice Shields: Apocalypse, An Electronic Opera 
NWCR648 Elliot Carter: Complete Choral Music 
NWCR649 Robert Helps/David Del Tredici/Jan Radzynski/Tison Street 
NWCR650 Jeffrey Mumford: The Focus of Blue Light 
NWCR651 Alwin Nikolais: Electronic Dance Music 
NWCR652 Rand Steiger/Brian Ferneyhough/Joji Yuasa/Roger Reynolds 
NWCR653 Kathleen Supove: Figure 88 
NWCR654 Dora Ohrenstein: Urban Diva 
NWCR655 Tan Dun: Snow in June 
NWCR657 Ned Rorem: The Nantucket Songs 
NWCR658 Ruth Crawford 
NWCR659 John Corigliano: Early Works 
NWCR660 Maurice Wright 
NWCR661 Thomas E. Barker/Eugene Kurtz/Michael Gandolfi 
NWCR662 Tania León: Indí­gena 
NWCR663 Leroy Jenkins: Themes and Improvisations on the Blues 
NWCR664 Jacob Avshalomov/Roy Harris/Robert Ward 
NWCR665 Frederic Goossen 
NWCR666 Donald Harris: For the Night to Wear 
NWCR667 Aaron Avshalomov/Jacob Avshalomov 
NWCR668 Alvin Curran: Schtyx 
NWCR669 Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: Tributes to Mozart 
NWCR670 The Composer-Performer: Forty Years of Discovery 
NWCR671 Davidson/Wolfe/Waggoner/Hovda/Godfrey 
NWCR672 Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 3 
NWCR673 Victoria Jordanova: Requiem for Bosnia 
NWCR674 The Piano Music of William Albright 
NWCR675 Songs of Charles Ives and Ernst Bacon 
NWCR676 Roger Sessions/Stefan Wolpe 
NWCR677 Leslie Bassett: Echoes from an Invisible World 
NWCR678 Ernst Krenek 
NWCR679 Zhou Long: Nature and Spirit 
NWCR680 Jeffrey Krieger: Night Chains 
NWCR681 Tina Davidson: I Hear the Mermaids Singing 
NWCR682 Martin Bresnick: Music for Strings 
NWCR683 Paul Lansky: Fantasies and Tableaux 
NWCR684 Ivan Tcherepnin 
NWCR685 Lee Hoiby: Continual Conversation with a Silent Man 
NWCR686 Chester Biscardi: At the Still Point 
NWCR687 Paul Cooper 
NWCR688 David Del Tredici: An Alice Symphony 
NWCR689 David Del Tredici 
NWCR690 Ralph Shapey 
NWCR691 Chou Wen-Chung 
NWCR692 Vivian Fine 
NWCR693 Donald Martino 
NWCR694 Jack Beeson: Lizzie Borden (2 CDs) 
NWCR695 Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Nausicaa, scenes from the opera 
NWCR696 Peter Westergaard 
NWCR697 Seth Josel: Long Distance 
NWCR698 New York Guitars 
NWCR699 Allan Bryant: Space Guitars 
NWCR700 John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano 
NWCR701 Yehudi Wyner 
NWCR702 David Van Vactor 
NWCR703 Frederick Jacobi 
NWCR704 John Powell 
NWCR705 Music of Sanford, Rosenzweig, and Moe 
NWCR706 Curtis Macomber: Songs of Solitude 
NWCR707 Aleck Karis: Secret Geometry 
NWCR708 Sheila Silver: To The Spirit Unconquered 
NWCR709 Nicolas Roussakis 
NWCR710 Chinary Ung: Grand Spiral 
NWCR711 Chamber and Solo Music of Ross Lee Finney & William Bolcom 
NWCR712 Autumn Rhythms: Flute Music by Beeson, Kraft, Kupferman, Laderman, Luening, and Nowak 
NWCR713 Jerry Hunt: Lattice 
NWCR714 Douglas Moore/Marion Bauer 
NWCR715 Lou Harrison/Carl Ruggles 
NWCR716 Otto Luening 
NWCR717 Robert Helps 
NWCR718 Music of Claudio Spies 
NWCR719 The Music of George Walker 
NWCR720 Robert Maggio: Seven Mad Gods 
NWCR721 Gay American Composers 
NWCR722 Quintet of the Americas - Self Portrait 
NWCR723 Orchestra 2001, Vol. 1: Distant Runes 
NWCR724 A Tribute to Soprano Bethany Beardslee 
NWCR725 Roberto Sierra: Piezas Caracteristicas Featuring William Helmers, clarinet 
NWCR726 Bun-Ching Lam: Mountain Clear Water Remote 
NWCR727 Drawn from Life: Music of Allen Anderson 
info NWCR728 Women in Electronic Music: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80653) 
NWCR729 And Trouble Came: Musical Responses to AIDS 
NWCR730 Jack Vees: Surf Music Again 
NWCR731 Common Sense: Composer's Collective 
NWCR732 John Cage: Music for Two Pianos 
NWCR733 The Music of Frank Wigglesworth 
NWCR735 Marc-Antonio Consoli: Vuci Siculani 
NWCR736 Ellsworth Milburn 
NWCR737 Edward T. Cone 
NWCR738 The Jubal Trio: Jubal Songs 
NWCR739 Louis Karchin 
NWCR740 Henry Cowell 
NWCR741 Peter Mennin 
NWCR742 Gardner Read 
NWCR743 Harvey Sollberger "A New York Retrospective" 
NWCR744 Charles Wuorinen 
NWCR746 Milton Babbitt: Piano Music Since 1983 
NWCR747 Frederic Rzewski: Antigone 
NWCR748 Jeffrey Schanzer: No More in Thrall 
NWCR749 David Chaitkin 
NWCR750 Gay American Composers, Vol. 2 
info NWCR751 Harry Partch, Vol. I: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80621) 
info NWCR752 Harry Partch, Vol. II: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80622) 
info NWCR753 Harry Partch, Vol. II: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80623) 
info NWCR754 Harry Partch, Vol. II: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80624) 
NWCR755 Victoria Jordanova: Dance to Sleep 
NWCR756 Connie Beckley: The Aquarium 
NWCR757 Hugo Weisgall: Two Operas and Two Song Cycles 
NWCR758 Phillip Rhodes: Memory, Art, Time, Form 
NWCR759 Brian Fennelly 
NWCR760 Orchestra 2001 - Night of the Four Moons, Music of Our Time for Mixed Ensemble, Vol. 2 
NWCR761 Bruce Adolphe: Turning, Returning 
NWCR762 Scott Kluksdahl - Lines for Solo Cello 
NWCR763 The Music of Will Ogdon 
NWCR764 The McLean Mix and the Golden Age of Electronic Music 
NWCR765 Allen Sapp 
NWCR766 Richard Cumming: Silhouettes 
NWCR767 William Mayer 
NWCR768 George Rochberg: String Quartet No. 1 
NWCR769 George Rochberg: String Quartet No. 2 
NWCR770 Emergency Music Collection 
NWCR771 Akemi Naito: Strings & Time 
NWCR772 New Millenium Ensemble: H.C.E. (Here Comes Everybody) 
NWCR773 Voices of Change: Voces Americanas 
NWCR774 Hugh Aitken 
NWCR775 Howard Boatwright 
NWCR776 Paul Cooper: Complete Music for Solo Piano 
NWCR777 Randall Woolf: Rock Steady 
NWCR778 Judy Dunaway: Balloon Music 
NWCR779 Ernst Bacon: Remembering Ansel Adams and other works 
NWCR780 Lesbian American Composers 
NWCR781 Jacob Druckman 
NWCR782 Miriam Gideon 
NWCR783 Arthur Shepherd 
NWCR784 Ezra Sims: String Quartet No. 2 
NWCR785 Mary Howe 
NWCR786 Martin Boykan 
NWCR787 Morris Rosenzweig 
NWCR788 Sylvan Winds: Tsontakis, Etler, Adolphe, Chaitkin 
NWCR789 Marc-Antonio Consoli: Odefonia, Pensieri Sospesi, Afterimages 
NWCR790 Robert Savage: An Eye-Sky Symphony 
NWCR791 William Schuman 
NWCR792 Robert Parris 
NWCR793 Seymour Shifrin 
NWCR794 George Barati 
NWCR795 Ellis B. Kohs: Music for Keyboards and Strings 
NWCR796 Ronald Perera: Crossing the Meridian 
NWCR797 Joel Gressel: Points in Time 
NWCR798 Noël Lee 
NWCR799 Leo Kraft 
NWCR800 Roger Sessions: The Piano Sonatas; From My Diary 
NWCR801 Phil Kline: Glow in the Dark 
NWCR802 Susan Botti: Listen, It's Snowing 
NWCR803 Music of Our Time, Vol. 3: Music of George Crumb 
NWCR804 Chen Yi: Sparkle 
NWCR805 eXchange: China 
NWCR806 Music of Ursula Mamlok 
NWCR807 Maggi Payne: The Extended Flute 
NWCR808 Scott Lindroth: Human Gestures 
NWCR809 The Alternative Schubertiade 
info NWCR810 Ives Plays Ives: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80642) 
NWCR811 The Unknown Ives 
NWCR812 Arthur Levering: School of Velocity 
info NWCR813 Vladimir Ussachevsky: REISSUED ON NEW WORLD (80654) 
NWCR814 Elie Siegmeister 
NWCR815 Paul Chihara 
NWCR816 James Willey: String Quartets Nos. 1, 2, & 6 
NWCR817 Neva Pilgrim, Soprano 
NWCR818 Johana Harris plays the Music of Roy Harris 
NWCR819 Music of Charles Jones 
NWCR820 David Rakowski: Hyperblue 
NWCR821 Margaret Brouwer: Crosswinds 
NWCR822 Henry Mollicone: The Face on the Barroom Floor 
NWCR823 A La Par: The Music of David Baker, Tania León, Wendell Logan and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson 
NWCR824 Robert Xavier Rodrí­guez: Musical Theater Works 
NWCR825 Gene Gutchë 
NWCR826 Leo Smit 
NWCR827 Henry Brant: Orbits, Hieroglyphics 3, Western Springs 
NWCR828 Francis Thorne 
NWCR829 David Van Vactor 
NWCR830 Vicki Ray: From the Left Edge 
NWCR831 Mathew Rosenblum: Ancient Eyes 
NWCR832 Richard Festinger: Tapestries and Other Works 
NWCR833 Music of Louise Talma 
NWCR834 Cygnus Ensemble: Broken Consort 
NWCR835 Ronald Caltabiano 
NWCR836 Looking To the East 
NWCR837 Wizards & Wildmen: Piano Music of Charles Ives, Henry Cowell and Lou Harrison 
NWCR838 Diary of a Seducer - William Anderson, Guitar 
NWCR839 Music of Herman Berlinski 
NWCR840 Songs of Otto Luening 
NWCR841 Martin Boykan 
NWCR842 Walter Winslow 
NWCR843 The Music of Rolv Yttrehus 
NWCR844 Randall Woolf: Where the Wild Things Are 
NWCR845 Carson Kievman: The Temporary & Tentative Extended Piano 
NWCR846 Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows 
NWCR847 Orchestra 2001: Chant des rochers 
NWCR848 eXchange: Latin America 
NWCR849 P. Q. Phan: Banana Trumpet Games 
NWCR852 Edwin London 
NWCR853 John Tartaglia/Randall Davidson/Stanislaw Skrowaczewski 
NWCR854 Carolyn Heafner Sings American Songs 
NWCR855 Theofanidis/Matheson/Tanaka/Sierra/Burke/Gubaidulina 
NWCR856 Robert Starer: String Quartets Nos. 1, 2, & 3 
NWCR857 Donald Erb: String Quartet No. 3 
NWCR859 Lucia Dlugoszewski: Disparate Stairway Radical Other 
NWCR860 Music of Hale Smith 
NWCR861 Jon Deak: The Call of the Wild 
NWCR862 Jennifer Margaret Barker: Nyvaigs 
NWCR863 Edward Smaldone 
NWCR864 Composer's Collaborative Inc.: Soloflights 
NWCR865 Anne LeBaron: Sacred Theory of the Earth 
NWCR866 For BC: The Redlands Sessions 
NWCR867 Patti Monson: Conspirare - Chamber Music for Solo Flute 
NWCR868 Martin Bresnick: Opere della musica povera (2 CDs) 
NWCR869 James Sellars 
NWCR870 Robert Maggio: Riddles 
NWCR871 Irwin Bazelon 
NWCR872 Chords At Night - The Rare Works of Otto Luening 
NWCR873 Nathan Currier 
NWCR874 New Music for the Piano 
NWCR875 John Harbison: Early Works 
NWCR876 Ruggerio/Wuorinen/Harbison/Isaacs/Davis 
NWCR877 Marilyn Nonken: American Spiritual 
NWCR878 David Del Tredici: Secret Music-A Songbook 
NWCR879 Gerald Cohen 
NWCR880 Vocal Music of Lukas Foss 
NWCR881 Chamber Music Of Dan Welcher 
NWCR882 Karl Korte: A Retrospective 
NWCR883 Richard Toensing 
NWCR884 Andrew Waggoner 
NWCR885 Eleanor Cory 
NWCR886 Chamber Works of Cindy Cox 
NWCR887 Ruth Lomon: Songs of Remembrance 
NWCR888 Louis Moyse: Works for Flute & Piano 
NWCR889 Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear 
NWCR890 Fond Affection - Music of Ernst Bacon 
NWCR891 Ursula Mamlok: Chamber Works 
NWCR892 Halsey Stevens 
NWCR893 Barbara White: When The Smoke Clears 
NWCR894 Virgil Thomson: Chamber Works 
NWCR895 Derek Bermel 
NWCR896 Alexander Tcherepnin 
NWCR897 Martin Boykan: Flume 
NWCR898 Curtis Macomber: Casting Ecstatic - Solo Works for Violin 
NWCR899 Orchestra 2001 Music Of Our Time: Volume 5 
NWCR900 Orlando Jacinto García: Illuminated Shadows/Sombras IIuminadas 
NWCR901 For your delight... New American Art Songs 
NWCR902 Daron Hagen: Vera of Las Vegas 
NWCR1040 Ben Yarmolinsky: April 15th Blues 
NWCR2000 Sideshow: Songs of Charles Ives 
NWCR2001 Scott Fields: (Blueshift) 96 Gestures (3 CDs) 
NWCR2002 John Hollenbeck: No Images 
NWCR2003 John Hollenbeck: Quartet Lucy 
NWCR2004 John Hollenbeck: The Claudia Quintet