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Qty. Cat. No. Title
NWCRL102 Lament for April 15 
NWCRL103 Antheil/Howe/Luening: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL104 Kohs/Scott: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL105 Scenes from "The Wife of Martin Guerre" 
NWCRL106 Henry Brant / Irving Fine 
NWCRL107 McBride/Moore/Claflin 
NWCRL108 Avery Claflin: La Grande Breteche 
NWCRL109 Cowell/Pinkham/Hovhaness 
NWCRL110 Dello Joio/Wigglesworth 
NWCRL111 Creston/Hively/Haufrecht/Sanjuan 
NWCRL112 Luening/Ussachevsky/Bergsma 
NWCRL113 Lora/Weiss 
NWCRL114 Cowell/Harrison 
NWCRL115 Berlinski/Gerschefski/Ballou 
NWCRL116 Finney/Weiss 
NWCRL117 Riegger/Avshalomov/Cazden 
NWCRL118 Carter / Porter 
NWCRL119 Claflin/McBride/Kay 
NWCRL120 Goeb / Weber 
NWCRL121 Mel Powell: Chamber Music 
NWCRL122 Fischer/Nagel/Chou/Lessard 
NWCRL123 Foss/Shifrin 
NWCRL124 Johan Franco/Mary Howe 
NWCRL125 Franchetti/Johnson 
NWCRL126 Overton/Laderman: String Quartets 
NWCRL127 Ruggles/Moore/Ward 
NWCRL128 Pisk/Schwartz/Mills/Gideon 
NWCRL129 Aaron Copland/Halsey Stevens 
NWCRL130 Riegger/Laderman 
NWCRL131 Sessions/Bergsma/Smith 
NWCRL132 Cowell/Kelly 
NWCRL133 Moore/Perry 
NWCRL134 Hovhaness/Wood/Keller 
NWCRL135 Fine/Franco 
NWCRL136 Layton/Moevs 
NWCRL137 Barber: Violin Cto./Symphony 
NWCRL138 Babbitt/Bavicchi 
NWCRL139 Kay/Binkerd 
NWCRL141 Wyner/Shapey: Chamber Works 
NWCRL142 Kerr/Cowell 
NWCRL143 Flanagan/Heilner/Pinkham/Berger 
NWCRL144 Schuller/Blackwood: Chamber Works 
NWCRL145 Talma/Fine/Perry/Daniels/Howe 
NWCRL146 Frederick Jacobi: Chamber Works 
NWCRL147 Lee / Bucci 
NWCRL148 Perle/Bassett: Chamber Works 
NWCRL149 Wuorinen/Tanenbaum: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL150 Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2 
NWCRL151 Pozdro / Norton 
NWCRL152 Imbrie/Cushing: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL153 Haines / Rogers 
NWCRL154 Jacques de Menasce 
NWCRL155 Boda / Trythall 
NWCRL156 Robert Sanders 
NWCRL157 Balazs / Mourant 
NWCRL158 Goeb / Sydeman 
NWCRL159 Ward/Trimble/Bezanson/Goodenough 
NWCRL160 Kielland / Brustad 
NWCRL162 Theodore Chanler: The Pot of Fat 
NWCRL163 Ives / Flanagan 
NWCRL164 Martirano / Rochberg 
NWCRL165 Cowell/Ward/Sowerby 
NWCRL166 La Montaine / Stevens 
NWCRL167 Goeb/Druckman 
NWCRL169 Green/Van Vactor: Symphonies 
NWCRL170 Brunswick/Gideon/Newlin 
NWCRL171 Aaron Copland 
NWCRL172 Elinor Remick Warren 
NWCRL173 Cowell: Chamber Works 
NWCRL176 Siegmeister/Kohs: String Quartets 
NWCRL177 Riegger/Becker/Ives: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL178 Barlow/Claflin: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL179 Leifs/Isólfsson/Cowell: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL180 Piston/Ives/Carpenter: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL181 Sydeman / Cortes: Chamber Works 
NWCRL182 Cleveland Composers' Guild, Vol I 
NWCRL183 Cleveland Composers' Guild, Vol II 
NWCRL184 Barati / Egge: Concerti 
NWCRL185 Siegmeister / Mayer 
NWCRL186 Hovhaness/Sims/Moss 
NWCRL187 Lester Trimble/Louise Talma 
NWCRL188 Kahn / Haines 
NWCRL189 Gutche / La Montaine 
NWCRL190 Charles Ives: New England Holidays 
NWCRL191 Sing Unto the Lord a New Song! 
NWCRL192 Brass etcetera 
NWCRL195 Music of Dai-Keong Lee 
NWCRL196 Ives/Beeson 
NWCRL201 Bacon/Binkerd 
NWCRL202 Music of Ned Rorem 
NWCRL203 Donovan/Bassett: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL204 Davidovsky/Sollberger: Chamber Works 
NWCRL205 Etler/Hamilton 
NWCRL206 Music of Robert Ward 
NWCRL207 Music of Virgil Thomson 
NWCRL208 Stevens/Gross/Lessard: Music for Cello 
NWCRL209 Berezowsky/Kay/Dello Joio: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL211 Cowell/Semmler: Piano Trios 
NWCRL212 20th Century American Music for Flute 
NWCRL214 Smith/Hoiby: Piano Concertos 
NWCRL215 Corigliano/Strang 
NWCRL217 Henry Cowell: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL218 Crumb/Erickson: Chamber Works 
NWCRL219 Riegger/McPhee/Luening 
NWCRL221 Hovhaness/Husa/Straight 
NWCRL222 Franco/Grant 
NWCRL223 Moevs/Sims: Chamber Works 
NWCRL224 Procter/Tremblay: Symphonies 
NWCRL226 Porter/Barati: Works w. Harpsichord 
NWCRL227 Luening/Ussachevsky/Powell 
NWCRL228 Adolphus/Pisk/Gerschefski/McBride: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL229 Modern Music for Brass 
NWCRL231 Parris/Rochberg/Wuorinen 
NWCRL232 Shapey/Perkins 
NWCRL233 Wolpe/Crumb: Chamber Works 
NWCRL234 Downey/Stout: Cello Sonatas 
NWCRL235 Quincy Porter: Chamber Works 
NWCRL237 Evett/Humel 
NWCRL238 Rorem/Ward-Steinman: Song Cycles 
NWCRL239 Weber/Wuorinen: Piano Concertos 
NWCRL240 Hoffmann/Martino: Chamber Works 
NWCRL241 Modern Choral Music 
NWCRL242 Music of Karl Weigl 
NWCRL243 Del Tredici/Batstone/Ashforth: Vocal Works 
NWCRL244 Laderman/Brunswick: Music for String Quartet 
NWCRL245 Putsche/Schafer/Weinberg 
NWCRL246 Julian Carillo: Mass for Pope John the XXIII 
NWCRL248 The Koussevitzky Legacy 
NWCRL249 Korte/Seeger/Orbon: Chamber Works 
NWCRL250 Blank/Flanagan: Vocal Works 
NWCRL252 Harrison/Perry/Gyring 
NWCRL253 Childs/Pleskow/Custer: Chamber Works 
NWCRL254 Piston/Ruggles/Swanson/Hively: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL256 Stewart/Keats: String Quartets 
NWCRL257 Layton/Spies/Whittenberg 
NWCRL258 Thorne/Anderson/Brozen 
NWCRL259 Arthur Bennett Lipkin Conducts... 
NWCRL260 Music from Bennington 
NWCRL261 Music of Karel Husa 
NWCRL262 Donovan/Moevs: Choral Works 
NWCRL263 Lazarof/Lewis: Chamber Works 
NWCRL264 Arel/Wilson/Stern 
NWCRL265 Composers String Quartet 
NWCRL267 Josten/Kubik: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL268 Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center - 10th Anniversary 
NWCRL269 Paul Chihara: Tree Music 
NWCRL270 Elwell/Verrall/Walker 
NWCRL271 Westergaard/G. Wilson/ R. Wilson 
NWCRL272 Giannini: The Taming of the Shrew 
NWCRL273 Weisgall: The Stronger/Fancies and Inventions 
NWCRL274 Dick/Harris: Chamber Works 
NWCRL277 William Albright: Organ Works 
NWCRL279 Modern Music for Two Pianos 
NWCRL280 Music of Iain Hamilton 
NWCRL281 Talma/Sessions/Cowell/Lybbert: Piano Works 
NWCRL282 Wallace Berry: Chamber Works 
NWCRL283 Crumb/Jones: Chamber Works 
NWCRL286 Gideon/Phillips 
NWCRL289 Elston/Binkerd: Chamber Works 
NWCRL290 Berger/Donovan: Chamber Works 
NWCRL291 Mayer/Argento 
NWCRL292 Kraft/Hodkinson 
NWCRL293 Harbison/Johnson/Pleskow 
NWCRL294 Del Tredici/Diamond 
NWCRL295 Contemporary Piano Music 
NWCRL296 Music of John Eaton 
NWCRL298 Overton/Trimble 
NWCRL299 Gaber/Hellermann/Zonn 
NWCRL300 Music for Computers, Electronic Sounds and Players 
NWCRL301 Vocal Music of Rhodes, Smith, Ronsheim & Mamlok 
NWCRL302 Pleskow/Miller/Tower/Yarden: Chamber Works 
NWCRL305 Davidovsky/Street/Trythall 
NWCRL306 Contemporary Piano Music 
NWCRL307 Riegger/Harris/Moss: Chamber Music 
NWCRL309 Simons: Music for Young Listeners 
NWCRL310 Hiller/Baker/Melby 
NWCRL311 Finney/Bassett: Chamber Works 
NWCRL313 Music of John Harbison 
NWCRL314 Ives: The Celestial Country 
NWCRL315 Wilson/McPhee 
NWCRL316 Kenneth Gaburo: Lingua II-Maledetto 
NWCRL317 Music of Canada 
NWCRL318 Dorian Woodwind Quintet 
NWCRL319 Lerdahl/Sollberger: Chamber Works 
NWCRL320 Two Sides of Bill Smith 
NWCRL321 Heiss/Brün/Yttrehus: Chamber Works 
NWCRL322 Fennelly/Hibbard: Chamber Works 
NWCRL323 Bassett/Erb/Edwards/MacDougall: Chamber Works 
NWCRL324 Contemporary Music from the University of Iowa 
NWCRL325 New Vocal Music 
NWCRL326 Music of Nature and the Gods 
NWCRL328 Randall/Ceely/Del Monaco: Electronic Music 
NWCRL329 Stock/Karlins/Blank/Jenni: Chamber Works 
NWCRL332 Jolas/Hiller: String Quartets 
NWCRL333 Pollock/Nieman: Piano Works 
NWCRL334 Music of Otto Luening 
NWCRL335 Priscilla and Barton McLean: Electronic Music 
NWCRL336 Music from the American Academy in Rome 
NWCRL338 Boykan/Barkin: String Quartets 
NWCRL339 Music of Leo Ornstein 
NWCRL340 Ross/Schwantner/Penn 
NWCRL341 Smith: Beware of the Soldier 
NWCRL342 Bazelon/Lansky/Pleskow/Zuckerman/Cross 
NWCRL343 Gideon/Weisgall: Song Cycles 
NWCRL344 Wernick/Mays 
NWCRL345 New Piano Music 
NWCRL346 Hammers and Bows 
NWCRL348 Charles Dodge: Synthesized Voices 
NWCRL349 Music of Richard Felciano 
NWCRL350 Lieberson/Lundborg 
NWCRL353 Goldman/Persichetti/Wylie 
NWCRL354 Tower/Tanenbaum 
NWCRL355 Ralph Shapey: Praise 
NWCRL356 Electronic Pioneers 
NWCRL357 Christian Wolff: Lines/Accompaniments 
NWCRL358 Monod/Weber/Shifrin 
NWCRL359 Consoli/Cervetti 
NWCRL361 Kolb/Mays/Rhodes 
NWCRL362 Rorem/Martinů: Flute Music 
NWCRL363 Hodkinson/Heiss/Ung 
NWCRL364 International Electronic Music 
NWCRL367 Penn/Wilson/Peck 
NWCRL370 Other Voices - Vocal Works of Blank, Wilson & Smit 
NWCRL371 Berry/Basart/Goosen: Chamber Works 
NWCRL372 Dane Rudhyar: Piano Works 
NWCRL374 Music for Clarinet and Piano 
NWCRL375 Matthews/Zupko 
NWCRL378 Lerdahl/Dugger: Chamber Works 
NWCRL379 Wernick/Boros 
NWCRL380 Argento/Ahrold/Hervig 
NWCRL381 Street/Lazarof/Rush 
NWCRL382 Trythall/Hudson/McClellan 
NWCRL383 Helps/Moore/Pleskow/Shepherd 
NWCRL385 Alan Marks Plays Modern Classics 
NWCRL386 Chihara/Cowell: Chamber Works 
NWCRL387 Perle/Blumenfeld 
NWCRL388 Sonorous Explorations 
NWCRL389 Lewis/Ahrold 
NWCRL392 Lewis/Rovics 
NWCRL393 Winham/Vercoe/Hoffman/Gressel: Computer Works 
NWCRL394 Rorem/Piston/Françaix: Flute Works 
NWCRL396 Rorem: A Quaker Reader 
NWCRL397 Thorne/Moryl 
NWCRL400 Flute Possibilities 
NWCRL401 Gideon/Boykan 
NWCRL402 Cooper/Lansky: String Quartets 
NWCRL403 Songs by George Perle 
NWCRL404 Dallapiccola/Moevs: Piano Works 
NWCRL405 Music from the University of Illinois 
NWCRL406 Jack Beeson: Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth 
NWCRL407 McLean/Eakin/Hamilton/Hutcheson: Piano Works 
NWCRL409 Chihara/Curtis-Smith 
NWCRL410 Cage/Wuorinen: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL411 Thomson/Helps: Symphonies 
NWCRL412 Berry/Swift 
NWCRL414 Chatman/Morgan/Hudson: Chamber Works 
NWCRL415 Mayer/Stokes 
NWCRL417 Hugo Weisgall: Two Song Cycles 
NWCRL419 Frank/Olan 
NWCRL420 Perera/Albert: Vocal Works 
NWCRL421 John Eaton: Danton and Robespierre 
NWCRL422 80 Trombones and 30 Basses 
NWCRL423 Music for Oboe 
NWCRL425 Music of Ramon Zupko 
NWCRL426 Rhodes/Baur/Chatman: Vocal Works 
NWCRL430 Richard Yardumian: Come Creator Spirit 
NWCRL431 Extended Saxophone 
NWCRL432 Music from Eastman: Hodkinson and Adler 
NWCRL433 Warren Benson: Chamber Works 
NWCRL436 Harbison/Rochberg: Chamber Works 
NWCRL437 Wilson/Thome/Yannay 
NWCRL438 Hiller/Yttrehus/Maslanka 
NWCRL439 Rosalind Rees Sings William Schuman 
NWCRL440 Harbison/Stock 
NWCRL441 Da Capo Chamber Players' 10th Anniversary 
NWCRL443 Satan's Sermon and Other Electronic Fantasies 
NWCRL444 MacGregor/Read: Music for Percussion 
NWCRL448 Piano Music of David Guion 
NWCRL450 Bloch/Hindemith: Viola Works 
NWCRL451 Sessions/Lees: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL453 Starer/Perlongo 
NWCRL454 Dodge/Harbison 
NWCRL456 Computer Directions 
NWCRL457 Moevs/Druckman: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL458 Subotnick/Grantham 
NWCRL459 Lennon/Cory/Biscardi/Wuorinen 
NWCRL461 Kirchner/Shifrin/Babbitt/Bartók: Piano Works 
NWCRL463 Group for Contemporary Music 
NWCRL464 Johnson/Palmer/Beeson: Piano Sonatas 
NWCRL466 O'Brien/Peyton 
NWCRL468 Bresnick/Mumford 
NWCRL470 London/Nowak 
NWCRL476 Music of Meyer Kupferman 
NWCRL478 Music of Claus Adam 
NWCRL481 Sessions/Gideon/Weber: Piano Works 
NWCRL482 New England Conservatory Chorus 
NWCRL483 Kreiger/Matthews/Tanenbaum: Electronic Works 
NWCRL484 The Huntingdon Trio 
NWCRL486 Collage 
NWCRL487 Cummings/Ung 
NWCRL488 Lockwood/Walker 
NWCRL489 Music of Erich Itor Kahn 
NWCRL490 David Stock: Chamber Works 
NWCRL491 Wuorinen/Lieberman: Chamber Works 
NWCRL494 Music of Robert Erickson 
NWCRL496 Shapey/Chenoweth/Moevs: Piano Works 
NWCRL497 Schwantner/Johnston: Chamber Works 
NWCRL498 Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano 
NWCRL499 Parnassus 
NWCRL501 James Ostryniec, oboist 
NWCRL502 Antheil: La Femme 100 Têtes 
NWCRL503 Schoenberg/Wolpe 
NWCRL504 Seymour Shifrin: Vocal Works 
NWCRL505 John Powell: Piano Works 
NWCRL506 Music of Tod Machover 
NWCRL507 McKinley/Zupko 
NWCRL510 Alexei Haieff: Piano Works 
NWCRL511 Shifrin: Cantata to the Text of Sophoclean Choruses 
NWCRL513 Greenbaum/Hyla/Barkin/Jaffe: Chamber Works 
NWCRL514 Da Costa/Boatwright: Chamber Works 
NWCRL515 Music of Ben Johnston 
NWCRL516 Music of Max Lifchitz 
NWCRL518 Winslow/Mamlok/Karchin 
NWCRL519 Chaitkin/Moore: Chamber Works 
NWCRL520 Lennon/Silver: String Quartets 
NWCRL523 Charles Amirkhanian: Mental Radio 
NWCRL525 Read/Dick: Orchestral Works 
NWCRL526 Wilson/Mackey: String Quartets 
NWCRL528 John Melby/James Tenney 
NWCRL529 Gheorghe Costinescu: Music for the Voice 
NWCRL530 Music of Mario Davidovsky 
NWCRL531 Sue Ann Kahn plays Schickele, Rochberg, Luening and Riegger 
info NWCRL533 20th Century Harpsichord Works 
NWCRL534 Music of Todd Brief 
NWCRL535 Music from Eastman: Wilder and Blank 
NWCRL538 Wolpe/Pleskow/Greenbaum: Piano Works 
NWCRL539 Music of Marc-Antonio Consoli 
NWCRL540 Music of Neil B. Rolnick 
NWCRL541 Allanbrook/Dugger 
NWCRL542 Music of Edward Cohen & Eleanor Cory 
NWCRL543 Music of Vladimir Ussachevsky 
NWCRL544 Music of Herman Berlinski 
NWCRL549 Music of Louise Talma 
NWCRL550 Musical Elements - 10th Anniversary Recording 
NWCRL553 Contemporary Music Forum 
NWCRL556 Music of Levi, Yttrehus, Fennelly & Childs 
NWCRL558 San Francisco Contemporary Music Players 
NWCRL559 Music of Karol Rathaus 
NWCRL567 Avshalomov/La Rocca 
NWCRL6016 Music for the Viola, Vol. 1 
NWCRL6017 Music for the Viola, Vol. 2 
NWCRL6018 Music for the Viola, Vol. 3