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December 2014


The Pioneers of Movie Music
Sounds of the American Silent Cinema

Composer(s): William Axt, Erno Rapee, Gaston Borch, Christopher O'Hare, Z.S. Zamecnik, Victor L. Schertzinger, Maurice Baron, Domenico Savino, M.L. Lake, Otto Langey, Lester Brockton, Adolf Minot, Irenee Berge, Hugo Frey, Julius E. Andino, T.H. Rollinson, Ribe Danmark, Hugo Riesenfeld
Cat. No.: 80761
Genre: Musical Theater/Opera
Description: The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Rick Benjamin, director

The motion picture is without doubt one of the most powerful art and entertainment forms in human history. And few would argue with the fact that a vital element of any film is its music: indeed, most hit movies owe a large part of their success to their scores (think Star Wars or The Sting to cite just two of hundreds of examples).

With the advent of sound films (i.e. “talking pictures”) in the late 1920s up to the present time, motion picture music has been preserved on the films themselves, and can be readily... more
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