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July 2014


A Loving Home’s A Happy Home
19th-Century Moravian Parlor Music

Composer(s): Amelia Adelaide Van Vleck, Francis Florentine Hagen, Lisetta Marie Van Vleck, Carl Anton Van Vleck, Anonymous
Cat. No.: 80757 (2 CDs)
Genre: Classical
Description: Barbara Lister-Sink, solo piano;
Hannah Rose Carter, soprano; Mary Siebert, alto;
Glenn Siebert, tenor; Jason McKinney, bass-baritone;
Susan Keck Foster, piano accompaniment

The Moravian musical heritage is an important piece of American musical and cultural history in that it represents the finest body of music written or performed in America during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. During the eighty years from about 1760 to 1840, American Moravians wrote hundreds of anthems, duets, solo sacred songs, and instrumental pieces, and collected hundreds of others - bo... more

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