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NWCRL171 Aaron Copland  Classical / Chamber Aaron Copland

NWCRL129 Aaron Copland/ Halsey Stevens  Classical / Symphonic Aaron Copland, Halsey Stevens

80243 Barber/ Bowles/ Chanler/ Citkowitz/ Copland/ Duke/ Helps/ Sessions  Classical Samuel Barber, Paul Bowles, Theodore Chanler, Israel Citkowitz, Aaron Copland, John Duke, Robert Helps, Roger Sessions

80313 Cadenzas and Variations  Classical Aaron Copland, Philip Glass, Leo Ornstein, Richard Wernick

80334 Robert Davidovici: Works by Aitken, Copland, Piston, Schoenfield, and Schuller  Classical Hugh Aitken, Aaron Copland, Walter Piston, Paul Schoenfield, Gunther Schuller

80368 Juilliard Orchestra: Schuman/ Copland/ Sessions  Classical Aaron Copland, William Schuman, Roger Sessions

80543 Voices From Elysium  Classical Aaron Copland, Henry Cowell, Miriam Gideon, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Louise Talma

80631 Works by Aaron Copland, Roger Sessions, George Perle, Bernard Rands  Classical Aaron Copland, George Perle, Bernard Rands, Roger Sessions

NWCR750 Gay American Composers, Vol. 2  Classical Samuel Barber, Marc Blitzstein, John Cage, Aaron Copland, Henry Cowell, Alwin Nikolais, Harry Partch, Virgil Thomson, Ben Weber