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80267 The Hand That Holds The Bread  Traditional Anonymous, Angelo A. Asher, I.G. Blanchard, Otto Bonnell, 'Stella' of Washington Bradley, Nellie H., Thomas F. Casey, E. P. Christy, H.C. Dodge, John E. Donnelly, (Joseph Eastburn Winner) Eastburn, Frank Egerton, M. H. Evans, Charles K. Harris, R.J. Harrison, Jesse Hutchinson, John Hutchinson, Jesse H. Jones, George W. Loyd, H. R. (Monroe Rosenfeld) Monroe, Richard Morton, W. S. Mullally, O'Reilly, E. A. Parkhurst, George F. Root, William J. Scanlon, Joseph P. Skelly, Emma Pow Smith, T. Martin Towne, Henry Clay Work