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NWCRL268 Columbia- Princeton Electronic Music Center - 10th Anniversary  Classical / Electronic Bülent Arel, Milton Babbitt, Mario Davidovsky, Otto Luening, Alice Shields, Pril Smiley, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Edgard Varèse

NWCRL204 Davidovsky/ Sollberger: Chamber Works  Classical / Chamber Mario Davidovsky, Harvey Sollberger

NWCRL305 Davidovsky/ Street/ Trythall  Classical / Chamber Mario Davidovsky, Tison Street, Richard Trythall

NWCRL356 Electronic Pioneers  Classical / Electronic Bülent Arel, Mario Davidovsky, Kenneth Gaburo, Vladimir Ussachevsky

NWCRL530 Music of Mario Davidovsky  Classical Mario Davidovsky

80306 Parnassus  Classical / Contemporary Mario Davidovsky, Erik Lundborg, David Olan, Stefan Wolpe, Charles Wuorinen

80383 Davidovsky/ Korf/ Wright  Classical Mario Davidovsky, Anthony Korf, Maurice Wright

80412 Brody/ Davidovsky/ Gideon/ Steiger/ Ung  Classical Martin Brody, Mario Davidovsky, Miriam Gideon, Rand Steiger, Chinary Ung

80644 Pioneers of Electronic Music  Classical Bülent Arel, Mario Davidovsky, Otto Luening, Alice Shields, Pril Smiley, Vladimir Ussachevsky

NWCR706 Curtis Macomber: Songs of Solitude  Classical Elliott Carter, Mario Davidovsky, Steven R. Gerber, John Harbison, Robert Parris, Shulamit Ran

NWCR707 Aleck Karis: Secret Geometry  Classical Milton Babbitt, Mario Davidovsky, Arthur Kreiger, James Primosch, Joji Yuasa

NWCR773 Voices of Change: Voces Americanas  Classical Mario Davidovsky, Mario Lavista, Tania León, Robert Xavier Rodríguez, Roberto Sierra