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NWCRL167 Goeb/ Druckman  Classical / Contemporary Jacob Druckman, Roger Goeb

NWCRL457 Moevs/ Druckman: Orchestral Works  Classical / Orchestral Jacob Druckman, Robert Moevs

80318 Deja vu/ Light Spirit/ Aureole  Classical Michael Colgrass, Jacob Druckman

80335 Concerto for Oboe & Orchestra/ Prism  Classical Jacob Druckman, George Rochberg

80377 The American Brass Quintet: Bolcom/ Druckman/ Shapey/ Wright  Classical William Bolcom, Jacob Druckman, Ralph Shapey, Maurice Wright

80381 Juilliard Orchestra: Schwanter, Druckman, Albert  Classical Stephen Albert, Jacob Druckman, Joseph Schwantner

80560 Brangle/ Counterpoise/ Viola Concerto  Classical Jacob Druckman

80648 Thomas/ Druckman/ Hartke  Classical Jacob Druckman, Stephen Hartke, Augusta Read Thomas

80722 Modern American Bass  Classical / Solo Instrumental Johanna Beyer, John Cage, Barney Childs, Jacob Druckman, Joseph Iadone, Otto Luening, Jerome Moross, George Perle, Quincy Porter, Halsey Stevens, William Sydeman, James Tenney

NWCR638 New Cantatas and Madrigals  Classical Milton Babbitt, Jacob Druckman, Steven R. Gerber, Miriam Gideon, Jacques-Louis Monod, Maurice Wright

NWCR781 Jacob Druckman  Classical Jacob Druckman