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NWCRL196 Ives/ Beeson  Classical / Symphonic Jack Beeson, Charles Ives

NWCRL406 Jack Beeson: Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth  Classical / Opera Jack Beeson

NWCRL464 Johnson/ Palmer/ Beeson: Piano Sonatas  Classical / Piano Jack Beeson, Hunter Johnson, Robert Palmer

NWCRL241 Modern Choral Music  Classical / Choral Jack Beeson, Karl Kohn, Solomon Pimsleur, Roger Reynolds

NWCR694 Jack Beeson: Lizzie Borden (2CDs)  Classical Jack Beeson

NWCR712 Autumn Rhythms: Flute Music by Beeson, Kraft, Kupferman, Laderman, Luening, and Nowak  Classical Jack Beeson, Leo Kraft, Meyer Kupferman, Ezra Laderman, Otto Luening, Lionel Nowak

NWCR854 Carolyn Heafner Sings American Songs  Classical Ernst Bacon, Amy Beach, Jack Beeson, Lee Hoiby, Jay Pouhe, Hugo Weisgall