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NWCRL114 Cowell/ Harrison  Classical / Chamber Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison

NWCRL252 Harrison/ Perry/ Gyring  Classical / Chamber Elizabeth Gyring, Lou Harrison, Julia Perry

80285 Quartet Romantic  Classical John J. Becker, Henry Cowell, Ruth Crawford, Lou Harrison, Wallingford Riegger, Ruth Crawford Seeger

80366 Lou Harrison: Piano Concerto/ Suite for Violin, Piano & Small Orchestra  Classical Lou Harrison

80382 Percussion Quartet Works by Cage/ Harrison/ Rouse/ Kurtz/ Bazelon/ VerPlanck  Classical Irwin Bazelon, John Cage, Lou Harrison, Eugene Kurtz, Christopher Rouse, J. (Billy) Verplanck

80405 Cage/ Harrison/ Cowell/ Sollberger/ Foss  Classical John Cage, Henry Cowell, Lukas Foss, Lou Harrison, Harvey Sollberger

80590 Childhood Memories: Music for Younger Pianists  Classical Amy Beach, Miriam Gideon, Lou Harrison, William Mayer, George Perle, Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee, Ned Rorem, Roger Sessions, Robert Starer, Louise Talma, Ben Weber

80643 Lou Harrison: Chamber and Gamelan Works  Classical Lou Harrison

80666 Lou Harrison: In Retrospect  Classical / Chamber Lou Harrison

80710 Lou Harrison: Scenes from Cavafy - Music for Gamelan  Classical / Contemporary Lou Harrison

NWCR568 Music for Flute and Percussion  Classical Lou Harrison, Harvey Sollberger, Yasuo Sueyoshi, Preston Trombly

NWCR715 Lou Harrison/ Carl Ruggles  Classical Lou Harrison, Carl Ruggles

NWCR721 Gay American Composers  Classical Chester Biscardi, Conrad Cummings, Chris DeBlasio, David Del Tredici, Lou Harrison, Robert Helps, William Hibbard, Lee Hoiby, Jerry Hunt, Robert Maggio, Ned Rorem

NWCR836 Looking To the East  Classical Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, Alan Hovhaness, Colin McPhee

NWCR837 Wizards & Wildmen: Piano Music of Charles Ives, Henry Cowell and Lou Harrison  Classical Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, Charles Ives