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NWCRL190 Charles Ives: New England Holidays  Classical / Orchestral Charles Ives

NWCRL150 Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2  Classical / Chamber Charles Ives

NWCRL163 Ives / Flanagan  Classical / Orchestral William Flanagan, Charles Ives

NWCRL196 Ives/ Beeson  Classical / Symphonic Jack Beeson, Charles Ives

NWCRL314 Ives: The Celestial Country  Classical / Choral/Oratorio Charles Ives

NWCRL501 James Ostryniec, oboist  Classical / Chamber Charles Ives, Otto Luening, Witold Lutoslawski, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ralph Shapey

NWCRL180 Piston/ Ives/ Carpenter: Orchestral Works  Classical / Orchestral John Alden Carpenter, Charles Ives, Walter Piston

NWCRL177 Riegger/ Becker/ Ives: Orchestral Works  Classical / Orchestral John J. Becker, Charles Ives, Wallingford Riegger

80378 Charles Ives/ Maurice Wright  Classical Charles Ives, Maurice Wright

80436 David Taylor: Past Tells  Jazz Duke Ellington, Charles Ives, David Noon, David Schiff, David Taylor

80463 An Old Song Resung  Classical Charles Wakefield Cadman, Arthur Farwell, Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Charles Ives

80618 The Unknown Ives, Volume 2  Classical Charles Ives

80642 Ives Plays Ives  Classical Charles Ives

80680 The Light That Is Felt - Songs of Charles Ives  Classical / Vocal Charles Ives

NWCR583 Charles Ives/ Martin Bresnick/ Judith Shatin  Classical Martin Bresnick, Charles Ives, Judith Shatin

NWCR675 Songs of Charles Ives and Ernst Bacon  Classical Ernst Bacon, Charles Ives

NWCR811 The Unknown Ives  Classical Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles

NWCR837 Wizards & Wildmen: Piano Music of Charles Ives, Henry Cowell and Lou Harrison  Classical Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, Charles Ives

NWCR2000 Sideshow: Songs of Charles Ives  Classical Charles Ives