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NWCRL405 Music from the University of Illinois  Classical Thomas Fredrickson, Ben Johnston, Edwin London, Paul Zonn

NWCRL515 Music of Ben Johnston  Classical / Choral Ben Johnston

NWCRL497 Schwantner/ Johnston: Chamber Works  Classical / Chamber Ben Johnston, Joseph Schwantner

80203 Sound Forms for Piano: Cage/ Cowell/ Johnston/ Nancarrow  Classical John Cage, Henry Cowell, Ben Johnston, Conlon Nancarrow

80432 Music Amici: Ben Johnston  Classical Ben Johnston

80637 Ben Johnston: String Quartets Nos. 2, 3, 4 & 9  Classical Ben Johnston

80693 Ben Johnston: String Quartets 1, 5, and 10  Classical / Chamber Ben Johnston

80730 Ben Johnston: String Quartets 6, 7, & 8  Classical / Chamber Ben Johnston

NWCR654 Dora Ohrenstein: Urban Diva  Classical Linda Bouchard, Anthony Davis, Scott Johnson, Ben Johnston, Anne LeBaron