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NWCRL138 Babbitt/ Bavicchi  Classical / Chamber Milton Babbitt, John Bavicchi

NWCRL268 Columbia- Princeton Electronic Music Center - 10th Anniversary  Classical / Electronic Bülent Arel, Milton Babbitt, Mario Davidovsky, Otto Luening, Alice Shields, Pril Smiley, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Edgard Varčse

NWCRL461 Kirchner/ Shifrin/ Babbitt/ Bartók: Piano Works  Classical / Piano Milton Babbitt, Béla Bartók, Leon Kirchner, Seymour Shifrin

NWCRL6016 Music for the Viola, Vol. 1  Classical / Chamber Milton Babbitt, Emmanuel Ghent, Vincent Persichetti, Robert Pollock, Ralph Shapey

NWCRL499 Parnassus  Classical / Chamber Milton Babbitt, Anthony Korf, Donald Martino

80346 Babbitt: The Head Of The Bed/ Concerto for Piano and Orchestra  Classical Milton Babbitt

80364 Babbitt: Sextets/ The Joy of More Sextets  Classical Milton Babbitt

80396 Babbitt/ Diamond/ Persichetti  Classical Milton Babbitt, David Diamond, Vincent Persichetti

80456 None But The Lonely Flute  Classical Kathyrn Alexander, Milton Babbitt, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Stephen L. Mosko

80466 Milton Babbitt: Philomel  Classical Milton Babbitt

NWCR521 Milton Babbitt: An Elizabethan Sextette  Classical Milton Babbitt

NWCR587 Juilliard String Quartet: Sessions/ Wolpe/ Babbitt  Classical Milton Babbitt, Roger Sessions, Stefan Wolpe

NWCR638 New Cantatas and Madrigals  Classical Milton Babbitt, Jacob Druckman, Steven R. Gerber, Miriam Gideon, Jacques-Louis Monod, Maurice Wright

NWCR707 Aleck Karis: Secret Geometry  Classical Milton Babbitt, Mario Davidovsky, Arthur Kreiger, James Primosch, Joji Yuasa

NWCR746 Milton Babbitt: Piano Music Since 1983  Classical Milton Babbitt

NWCR838 Diary of a Seducer - William Anderson, Guitar  Classical Milton Babbitt, Elliott Carter, Robert Martin, Charles Wuorinen

NWCR874 New Music for the Piano  Classical Samuel Adler, Josef Alexander, Milton Babbitt, Ernst Bacon, Sol Berkowitz, Mark Brunswick, Norman Cazden, Ingolf Dahl, Miriam Gideon, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Morton Gould, Robert Helps, Alan Hovhaness, Kent Kennan, Earl Kim, Hall Overton, George Perle, Paul A. Pisk, Mel Powell, Joseph Prostakoff, Ben Weber

NWCR877 Marilyn Nonken: American Spiritual  Classical Milton Babbitt, Jason Eckardt, Michael Finnissy, Jeff Nichols