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NWCRL254 Piston/ Ruggles/ Swanson/ Hively: Orchestral Works  Classical / Orchestral Wells Hively, Walter Piston, Carl Ruggles, Howard Swanson

NWCRL127 Ruggles/ Moore/ Ward  Classical / Orchestral Douglas Moore, Carl Ruggles, Robert Ward

80402 Fine/ Menotti/ Ruggles/ Shapero  Classical Irving Fine, Gian Carlo Menotti, Carl Ruggles, Harold Shapero

80629 The Uncovered Ruggles  Classical Carl Ruggles

NWCR715 Lou Harrison/ Carl Ruggles  Classical Lou Harrison, Carl Ruggles

NWCR811 The Unknown Ives  Classical Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles