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NWCRL187 Lester Trimble/ Louise Talma  Classical / Symphonic Louise Talma, Lester Trimble

NWCRL374 Music for Clarinet and Piano  Classical / Chamber Donald Martino, Verne Reynolds, Louise Talma, Michael Webster

NWCRL549 Music of Louise Talma  Classical Louise Talma

NWCRL145 Talma/ Fine/ Perry/ Daniels/ Howe  Classical / Orchestral Mabel Daniels, Vivian Fine, Mary Howe, Julia Perry, Louise Talma

NWCRL281 Talma/ Sessions/ Cowell/ Lybbert: Piano Works  Classical / Piano Henry Cowell, Donald Lybbert, Roger Sessions, Louise Talma

80543 Voices From Elysium  Classical Aaron Copland, Henry Cowell, Miriam Gideon, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Louise Talma

80590 Childhood Memories: Music for Younger Pianists  Classical Amy Beach, Miriam Gideon, Lou Harrison, William Mayer, George Perle, Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee, Ned Rorem, Roger Sessions, Robert Starer, Louise Talma, Ben Weber

NWCR760 Orchestra 2001 - Night of the Four Moons, Music of Our Time for Mixed Ensemble, Vol. 2  Classical George Crumb, Timothy Greatbatch, Gerald Levinson, Jay Reise, Louise Talma

NWCR833 Music of Louise Talma  Classical Louise Talma