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80338 The Early Minstrel Show  Musical Theater/Opera Z. Bacchus, Tom Briggs, J.P. Carter, William Clifton, Dan D. Emmett, Stephen Foster, Joel Sweeney, Unknown, Billy Whitlock, A. F. Winnemore

80608 A Storm in the Land  Traditional Anonymous ("from 33rd Band"), Thomas Haynes Bayley, Ludwig van Beethoven, William Henry Capers, Gaetano Donizetti, Dan D. Emmett, Stephen Foster, Christian Gregor, G. W. H. Griffin, William H. Hartwell, John Hill Hewitt, Josef Labitzky, Edward Leinbach, William H. Neave, James Ryder Randall, Franz Schubert, Swabada, John Roger Thomas, Unknown, Guiseppe Verdi, Valentine Vousden, Joseph Philbrick Webster, W. T. Wrighton