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NWCRL253 Childs/ Pleskow/ Custer: Chamber Works  Classical / Chamber Barney Childs, Arthur Custer, Raoul Pleskow

NWCRL556 Music of Levi, Yttrehus, Fennelly & Childs  Classical / Contemporary Barney Childs, Brian Fennelly, Paul Alan Levi, Rolv Yttrehus

80595 A music; that it might be...  Classical Barney Childs

80722 Modern American Bass  Classical / Solo Instrumental Johanna Beyer, John Cage, Barney Childs, Jacob Druckman, Joseph Iadone, Otto Luening, Jerome Moross, George Perle, Quincy Porter, Halsey Stevens, William Sydeman, James Tenney

80779 Barney Childs: Heaven to clear when day did close  Classical / Contemporary Barney Childs

NWCR866 For BC: The Redlands Sessions  Classical Barney Childs, Bernardo Feldman, Jon Fink, Jim Fox, Arthur Jarvinen, Shaun Naidoo, Wadada Leo Smith