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NWCRL432 Music from Eastman: Hodkinson and Adler  Classical / Chamber Samuel Adler, Sydney Hodkinson

80304 Exultation  Classical Samuel Adler, Henry Cowell, Robert Evett, Frederic Goossen, Wendell Keeney, George Perle

NWCR608 Samuel Adler: String Quartets  Classical Samuel Adler

NWCR874 New Music for the Piano  Classical Samuel Adler, Josef Alexander, Milton Babbitt, Ernst Bacon, Sol Berkowitz, Mark Brunswick, Norman Cazden, Ingolf Dahl, Miriam Gideon, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Morton Gould, Robert Helps, Alan Hovhaness, Kent Kennan, Earl Kim, Hall Overton, George Perle, Paul A. Pisk, Mel Powell, Joseph Prostakoff, Ben Weber