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80625 Maritime Rites  Classical Alvin Curran

80661 The Stroke That Kills  Classical / Solo Instrumental Eve Beglarian, Alvin Curran, David Dramm, Michael Fiday, Tom Johnson, Gustavo Matamoros

80675 Musica Elettronica Viva - MEV40  Classical / Electronic Karl Berger, Allan Bryant, Alvin Curran, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Garrett List, Carol Plantamura, Gregory Reeve, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Ivan Vandor

80713 Alvin Curran: Solo Works - The '70s  Classical / Contemporary Alvin Curran

80748 Underwater Princess Waltz  Classical / Contemporary Karl Berger, Earle Brown, Alvin Curran, Leo Didkovsky, Nick Didkovsky, Joel Ford, Daniel Goode, Clinton McCallum, Larry Polansky, Christian Wolff

NWCR668 Alvin Curran: Schtyx  Classical Alvin Curran