Angel's Visits and Other Vocal Gems of Victorian America

Composer(s): Charles E. Pratt, J. P. Webster, C. A. White, I. B. Woodbury, Dudley Buck, Rev. J.W. Dadmun, Mary Dana, Bruce Stanley, William G. Fischer, J.W. Hicks, Rev. R. Lowry, Claude Melnotte
Album Title: Angels' Visits 
Cat. No.: 80220
Genre: Classical
Description: Kathleen Battle, soprano; Raymond Murcell, baritone; Rose Taylor, mezzo-soprano; The Harmoneion Singers/Neely Bruce; Lawrence Skrobacs, piano and harmonium

This recording is a collection of American songs and hymns published mostly during the 1860s and 1870s that deal generally with angels, heaven, and death. Considering the rather morbid subject matter of these songs, they are surprisingly pleasant and refreshing.  Death and its associated aspects were a major topic in fiction, poetry, art, and music during much of the nineteenth century in Victorian America. Consequently, the songwriters aimed at a broad popular audience because the subjects were so deeply embedded in the public's consciousness. Even today, tunes like "Sweet By and By" and "Rock of Ages" still resonate. An invaluable piece of Americana. 
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