I'm On My Journey Home: Vocal Styles and Resources in Folk Music

Composer(s): Traditional, Alton Delmore, Rabon Delmore
Album Title: I'm On My Journey Home 
Cat. No.: 80223
Genre: Traditional
Description: Essential listening for lovers of American folk music!

This album is a loosely structured survey of different types of vocal styles and resources found in rural Anglo-American lower- and middle-class communities. Some of the modes of performance, such as hollering and solo ballad singing, have almost died out; others, such as Sacred Harp singing, formal duet singing, and square-dance calling, continue to flourish. The album is divided into three major sections: a survey of nonstandard vocal effects that shows how much music infuses the everyday communication, instruction, and recreation of the folk community; a survey of solo singing; and a survey of various forms of ensemble singing, from duets to quartets to larger groups. Most have never before been issued on CD, and the performances deserve wider exposure. The small miracle of vocal pyrotechnics that is Jimmy Riddle's Eephing, not to mention the staggering virtuosity of Tobacco Auctioneering simply must be heard to be believed. Included in the slipcase is a 52-page booklet with extensive, excellent notes and song lyrics. This impeccably chosen and beautifully sequenced program is further proof of the extraordinarily rich musical legacy of the "old, weird America."

Hollerin' (Leonard Emanuel); Whooping ("Red" Buck Estes); Eephing (Jimmie Riddle); Ringing the Pig (Lindy Clear); Spelling from the Old Blue-Back Speller (Ben Rice); Tobacco Auctioneering (Two unknown auctioneers); Turkey in the Straw (Neil Morris, dance calls; Charlie Everidge, mouthbow); Risselty Rosselty (Ray R. Denoon); Bold McCarthy, or The City of Baltimore (Bill Cramp); Sweet Wine (Mrs. Goldie Hamilton); Barbara Allen (I. N. (Nick) Marlor); Late One Evening (Barry Sutterfield); Hanging Johnny (Captain Leighton Robinson, lead vocal; Alex Barr, Arthur Brodeur, and Leighton McKenzie, vocals); Bright and Morning Star (Walter and Lola Caldwell, vocals and guitar); The Black Sheep (Darby and Tarlton); Hey Hey, I'm Memphis Bound (The Delmore Brothers); Don't Put Off Salvation Too Long (Southland Ladies Quartette); Been A Long Time Traveling Here Below (Grandpa Isom Ritchie's church congregation); I'm On My Journey Home (The Denson Quartet); I Am O'ershadowed by Love (Members of the Stamps-Baxter School of Music) 
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