Brave Boys: New England Traditions in Folk Music

Composer(s): Traditional, Lawrence Gorman
Album Title: Brave Boys 
Cat. No.: 80239
Genre: Traditional
Description: Featuring various New England Traditional Folk Performers

The direct product of the British Broadside and Scotch-Irish folk music, the traditional folk music of New England is primarily vocal expression, through which family stories and popular legends are passed from generation to generation. Many of the lyrics and melodies found on this disc derive from popular migrant ballads, nursery rhymes, children's street songs, camp dances, maritime ballads, and labor songs. They came to what is now Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Nova Scotia with English, Irish, and Scottish settlers in the waves of immigration to the New World that began in the late 17th-century and ended at the time of the Irish potato famine, around 1850.
Recorded mostly by musicologist Sandy Paton between 1959 and 1978, these archival field recordings are warm and honest. As Paton notes in the detailed liner notes that accompany the disc, "You will hear exactly what the collector heard, and perhaps this is as it should be, for this is the environment in which the music exists." No doubt, today the music still thrives, surfacing in seemingly unlikely places, even in popular folk rock. Try to decipher the odd vernacular used by James Brown on "The Good Old State of Maine." 
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