The Hand That Holds The Bread

Composer(s): O'Reilly, 'Stella' of Washington Bradley, Nellie H., E. A. Parkhurst, Otto Bonnell, Charles K. Harris, George F. Root, William J. Scanlon, Joseph P. Skelly, T. Martin Towne, Henry Clay Work, E. P. Christy, Jesse Hutchinson, (Joseph Eastburn Winner) Eastburn, Anonymous, Frank Egerton, M. H. Evans, Emma Pow Smith, Thomas F. Casey, H.C. Dodge, R.J. Harrison, John Hutchinson, Angelo A. Asher, Richard Morton, I.G. Blanchard, Jesse H. Jones, George W. Loyd, H. R. (Monroe Rosenfeld) Monroe, John E. Donnelly, W. S. Mullally
Album Title: The Hand That Holds The Bread 
Cat. No.: 80267
Genre: Traditional
Description: Songs of Progress and Protest in the Gilded Age 1865-1893

The Hand That Holds The Bread provides a window onto a particularly turbulent time (1865-1893) in this nation's history-a period of great economic disparity, surging immigration, and rampant government corruption. The accompanying 40-page booklet includes an essay situating the songs in their historical context, complete lyrics and a selected bibliography and discography. 
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