Cadenzas and Variations

Composer(s): Leo Ornstein, Richard Wernick, Aaron Copland, Philip Glass
Album Title: Cadenzas and Variations 
Cat. No.: 80313
Genre: Classical
Description: Aaron Copland
Duo for Violin and Piano

Philip Glass
Violin Solo Music from Einstein on the Beach

Leo Ornstein
Sonata for Violin and Piano, Opus 31

Richard Wernick
Cadenzas and Variations II (for Violin Alone)

Gregory Fulkerson, violin; Alan Feinberg, piano

One can look at twentieth century music as a fabric of interwoven lines, crisscrossing, fusing, and diverging, creating a contradictory, often fascinating tapestry, the result of the dissolution of a unifying tradition. Like the larger picture of twentieth-century music, the composers represented on this recording converge and diverge in many areas, both philosophically and aurally. Copland's Duo is one of his later works, written in a more accessible style, which calls to mind his popular ballet and film scores. Ornstein's unflaggingly intense Sonata for Violin and Piano is in the modernist vein, using tone clusters and dispensing with tonal harmony. Glass's suite from Einstein on the Beach consists of violin music from the opera's "knee plays," while Wernick's piece, though written in a modernist idiom, utilizes the rhythms and techniques of a Baroque chaconne. 
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