Jacob Druckman

Composer(s): Michael Colgrass, Jacob Druckman
Album Title: Deja vu/ Light Spirit/ Aureole 
Cat. No.: 80318
Genre: Classical
Description: Michael Colgrass: Deja vu / Light Spirit
Jacob Druckman: Aureole

Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin, Catherine Comet

The eclecticism embraced by Michael Colgrass and Jacob Druckman as a response to serialism led, in their case, to a sort of neo-Impressionism. While it may lack programmatic implications as specific as those of the music of Debussy and Ravel, Druckman's and Colgrass's recent work bears striking resemblances to that of the turn-of-the-century Impressionists in orchestration and methods of construction. Like the tone poems of the French masters, the works on this recording are made up of brilliantly-colored sound modules arranged in purposeful sequence. Also like that of the Impressionists, Colgrass's and Druckman's music strikes the ear as organic, not architectural, in design.  Perhaps more than anything else, it is these composers' ability to combine ear-catching surface activity with unshakably stable musical structures that marks Michael Colgrass and Jacob Druckman as two of the leading orchestral composers of recent years in American music. 
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