Composer(s): Christopher Rouse, Irwin Bazelon, J. (Billy) Verplanck, John Cage, Lou Harrison, Eugene Kurtz
Album Title: Percussion Quartet Works by Cage/ Harrison/ Rouse/ Kurtz/ Bazelon/ VerPlanck 
Cat. No.: 80382
Genre: Classical
Description: Irwin Bazelon: Fourscore
John Cage: Third Construction
Lou Harrison: Concerto for the Violin with Percussion Orchestra
Eugene Kurtz: Logo I
Christopher Rouse: Ku-Ka-Ilimoku
J. (Billy) Verplanck: Petite Suite

Gabriel Dionne, J. Riely Francis, Christopher Rose, Richard Skains, percussion

One of the greatest contributions of twentieth-century American composers is the (re)emphasis of percussion. Drawing upon three fairly distinct roots-Asian influence, jazz and related Afro-Latin forms, and the experimental music movement -American composers have rediscovered percussion’s importance in relation to other global musical trends. A virtual “percussion renaissance” has influenced much of the contemporary composition since the composers on this disc began their work.

The wide-ranging colors and textural possibilities of a percussion quartet are vividly displayed on this eclectic program of new and standard works for various combinations of mallet and percussion instruments. 
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