Dick/ Soldier/ Hendrix

Composer(s): Robert Dick, Dave Soldier, Jimi Hendrix
Album Title: Third Stone From The Sun 
Cat. No.: 80435
Genre: Jazz
Description: Third Stone From The Sun

Robert Dick, alto, bass, contrabass flutes, piccolo; Jerome Harris, guitar, bass guitar; Jim Black, drums; The Soldier String Quartet; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Shelley Hirsch, voice

It is a monumental task to interpret the music of Jimi Hendrix on the flute. The incredible flute virtuoso Robert Dick has managed to do it with ease, finesse, and soul.  There is almost no sound that he cannot create on the flute with his amazing technique. Chords, slides, colors, drum and bass sounds, all had to be created acoustically. There are no electronically altered flute sounds on this recording.

This recording represents a statement that Robert Dick has long dreamed of making. Like many people, musicians and nonmusicians alike, he has been inspired, provoked, moved, and challenged by the work of Jimi Hendrix. In the 1970s, inspired by Hendrix’s sound-world, Robert Dick spent countless hours experimenting with the flute and discovering thousands of new sounds. The traditional limitations of the flute-playing only single, chromatic notes with a more of less “sweet” quality-had become unbearable. Many musicians of Robert Dick’s generation, furthermore, share a belief that any instrument can perform any musical role. Fueled by the study of electronic music, world music, and John Cage’s aesthetic that anything can be heard as music, he formed his concepts of the flute.

This CD presents four original arrangements of classic Hendrix tracks: Third Stone From The Sun, Pali Gap, Purple Haze, and Voodoo Child (Slight Return). The other three tracks are original composistions written by Robert Dick, derived from other Hendrix tracks. Greenhouse is a blues that is directly descended from “Redhouse”It’s Still Like It Wouldn’t Be Yesterday, is an episodic work for overdubbed flutes.  Hendrix’s atmospheric pieces, such as “Moon, Turn The Tides...gently, gently, away” or “Electric Ladyland” are the inspiration here. Tycho composed together with Dave Soldier, (featuring The Soldier String Quartet) uses the guitar coda of “Castles Made of Sand” in a totally transfigured way. 
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