Eric Chasalow: Over the Edge

Composer(s): Eric Chasalow
Album Title: Eric Chasalow: Over the Edge 
Cat. No.: 80440
Genre: Classical
Description: Eric Chasalow: Over the Edge

Speculum Musicae String Quartet; Fred Sherry, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Christine Schadeberg, soprano; Bruno Schneider; horn;  Amy Knoles, Arthur Jarvinen, percussion

Electro-acoustic music (traditional acoustic instruments accompanied by or accompanying pre-recorded electronic music) has been experimented with since the early days of the twentieth century. In the past decade it has been gaining the attention and popularity it deserves. Eric Chasalow has been at the forefront of the field since the early 80s as a composer, teacher, and innovator, and this disc is a broad portrait of his talents. Each piece has a unique character; for example, The Furies, a group of four songs for soprano and electronic sounds which takes its texts from among Anne Sexton’s “Fury” poems from The Death Notebooks. Fred Sherry’s virtuosity is apparent in Hanging in the Balance, a six-minute work for cello and tape. These electro-acoustic compositions were written between 1984 and 1992. Also included are two pieces for acoustic instruments only, Winding Up for horn and First Quartet for string quartet.

“Chasalow’s brilliance marks him as a composer to watch and makes much of this disc a joy. The performances are all of a high order.” — Fanfare 
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