Andrew Imbrie

Composer(s): Andrew Imbrie
Album Title: Andrew Imbrie 
Cat. No.: 80441
Genre: Classical
Description: Dream Sequence, Five Roethke Songs, Three Piece Suite, Campion Songs, To A Traveler

Parnassus, Anthony Korf; Susan Narucki, soprano

Andrew Imbrie is a composer whose independence and singularity of purpose have endowed a prodigious output that awaits wider discovery. His method of composing is not in and of itself remarkable. He is, rather, of a tradition wherein achievement is measured in terms of individuality, depth of expression, and craft. His music reveals a preoccupation with line, which in turn generates form, harmony and color. Line also motivates the forward motion and energy that characterizes so much of his music.

Imbrie has fashioned an unmistakable language that is, unsurprisingly, far less difficult to identify than to describe. The music is neither tonal nor completely atonal. He is not, as some have written, a serialist. He composes by ear; his music is lyrical; he fashions large-scale works out of small motives. Here and there, the listener can detect the gestures and harmonies of jazz, though the references are subtle and well integrated. Imbrie’s expressive breadth is wide, often fantastical, and always fresh and unique. 
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