Jason Hwang: The Far East Side Band

Composer(s): Jason Kao Hwang
Album Title: Jason Hwang: The Far East Side Band 
Cat. No.: 80458
Genre: Jazz
Description: Caverns

The Music of Jason Hwang

Jason Kao Hwang, electric violin; Sang-Won Park, kayagum, ajang, voice; Yukio Tsuji, percussion, skakuhachi, voice

“One can hear America singing in the seams of the dominant culture.” And within those seams The Far East Side Band sings, creating technically and emotionally complex, intense, and richly evocative work. “This music must exist beyond conventional categories to be true to my experiences as an Asian-American. You couldn’t bag this music as jazz, classical, or blues,” says leader Jason Kao Hwang. He views the band as an extension of the Asian-American community, and in so many ways their music pays homage to the respective heritage of each band member. The ensemble consists of Jason Kao Hwang (composer/violin), Yukio Tsuji (percussion, shakuhachi, voice), and Sang-Won Park (kayagum, ajang, voice), performing highly improvisatory compositions, heavily steeped in Asian idioms.

The music on this compact disc — its mystery and beauty — is nourished by at least two cultural streams: the forms and rituals of Asian music as well as the improvisatory freedom of jazz. The Far East Side Band is thus a quintessential musical expression of the American experience.

Jason Kao Hwang is a composer-in-residence with the partnership of Asia Society, Music From China, University Settlement House and the Museum of the Chinese in the Americas under the Meet the Composer/New Residencies program. 
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