John Luther Adams: Earth and the Great Weather

Composer(s): John Luther Adams
Album Title: John Luther Adams: Earth and the Great Weather 
Cat. No.: 80459
Genre: Classical
Description: Earth and the Great Weather (A Sonic Geography of the Arctic)

Amy Knoles, percussion; Robert Black, doublebass and percussion; Robin Lorentz, violin and percussion; Michael Finckel, cello and conductor; Ron Lawrence, viola; James Nageak, Doreen Simmonds, Inupiat Eskimo performers; Lincoln Tritt, Adeline Peter Raboff, Gwich’in Indian performers; Dave Hunsaker, Latin voice; John Luther Adams, conductor and percussion

This vast landscape of sound, described by Adams as being “as close to religion as I get,” is a celebration of Alaska that will appeal to anyone who has ever been awed by nature.

Earth and the Great Weather is a moving seventy-five-minute musical evocation of Alaskan peoples, wildlife, and weather. Subtitled “A Sonic Geography of the Arctic,” Adams’s writing is based on the aural mood unique to each place and each moment. Innovatively tuned strings, thunderous percussion interludes and voices are deftly woven with the sounds of loons, cranes, wind, waves, thunder and glacial cracking (all recorded by Adams himself) into a sonic tapestry of epic proportions.

The voluminous forty-page booklet contains the composer’s text-in English, Alaskan Indian, Alaskan Eskimo, and Latin-in its entirety. 
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