Morgan Powell

Composer(s): Morgan Powell
Album Title: Red White and Black Blues/ Old Man/ Transitions/ Loneliness/ Orphans/ Outlaws/ Suite Changes 
Cat. No.: 80499
Genre: Classical
Description: Cleveland Chamber Symphony, The Ineluctable Modality/Edwin London; Tone Road Ramblers;
John Fonville-flutes; Steve Butters-percussion

The seven compact chamber works on this disc - none exceeding 15 minutes - are notable for their economy of means and gesture. They are written in a language that pushes the boundaries of tonality without becoming atonal. Though not without dynamic contrast, it is music that, for the most part, moves in nocturnal realms, at times hovering on the edge of silence.

Morgan Powell (b. 1938) is a composer and trombonist whose works are performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. Powell’s primary compositional interests are in the areas of instrumental and vocal music, and explore the rich and complex components of improvisation and the spirit and elements of jazz, together with “New Music” compositional techniques and notation. He is currently Music Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois. 
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