Donal Fox: Gone City

Composer(s): Donal Fox
Album Title: Donal Fox: Gone City 
Cat. No.: 80515
Genre: Classical
Description: Gone City

Quincy Troupe, poet; William Brown, tenor; Donal Fox, piano; Oliver Lake, alto saxophone; John Lockwood, bass; Eric Thomas, clarinet

Donal Fox (b. 1952) draws comfortably from the lexicon of both the European classical tradition and jazz to create powerful “collaborative” compositions. His scores generally incorporate some degree of improvisation but in such a manner as to render the boundary between the written and the improvised virtually invisible. The music of Thelonious Monk, Cecil Taylor, early Penderecki (in particular Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima) and Ligeti have had a profound impact on his work. Gone City is a collection of seven compositions, each of which interconnect thematically or emotionally with each other. River Town Packin House Blues (1993), Following the North Star Boogaloo (1993), and The Old People Speak of Death (1993), duos with the poet Quincy Troupe, are short but potent vignettes of African-American culture. The Ballade for Clarinet and Piano (1993) is a pensive and lyrical duet while JazzSets with T.T. (1991) is just the opposite-a scintillating, take-no-prisoners duet with Oliver Lake. T-Cell Countdown (1993) is a song about the struggle of one dealing with AIDS, presented as a wordless monodrama, progressing from agony to gentle acceptance. Gone City (1993/94), the central work, is a concert version of a ballet in three movements scored for piano, clarinet and double bass. 
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