Sorrell Hays

Composer(s): Sorrel Hays
Album Title: Dreaming The World 
Cat. No.: 80520
Genre: Classical
Description: Dreaming The World

Sorrel Hays, Casio Electronic saxophone, DX-7 synthesizer; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Joseph Kubera, piano; John Kennedy, Charles Wood, Maya Gunji, Eric Kivnick, Jai Smith, percussion; Brian Charles, oboe; Marilyn Ries, live electronic processing; Ariadne String Quartet

“I think there will come a time when the intermingling of cultures and knowledge of alien customs will allow us to make music with a far wider range of practices, instruments, tunings, structures, and listening habits without giving it a second thought.”
—Sorrel Hays

The music on Sorrel Hays's New World debut bears ample witness to her firm belief in using as broad a tonal palette as possible to convey her creative vision, in her words, “ track down the mind's misty imaginings and to give substance to the details of my dreams....”

Structure 123 is a short symphony for MIDI; Dreaming The World is a cycle of five songs (four of which are based on Native American texts) for baritone, piano, and percussion (including various home-made button-on-a-string instruments and Tibetan singing bowls). Of this work the composer says, “At the heart of this music... is my dream of the laughter of children, children whose bellies are full, for whom the gunfire has ceased....” Take A Back Country Road, for Casio Electronic saxophone, DX-7 synthesizer, oboe, and live electronic processing, is a microtonal meditation on memories of roads, actual and imagined, taken. Tunings for string quartet-inspired by the fiddle music of the South-is a spirited hommage to her rural Southern heritage. 
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