Tenor Tantrums

Composer(s): Ornette Coleman, George Schuller, Bill Evans
Album Title: Tenor Tantrums 
Cat. No.: 80522
Genre: Jazz
Description: George Schuller & The Schulldogs

Tony Malaby, soprano and tenor sax; George Garzone, tenor sax; Ed Schuller, bass; George Schuller, drums and trinkets; Dave Ballou, trumpet (on Free and The Symptoms)

By turns thoughtful and hell-raising, ever-cognizant of form while leaving the door ajar for the muse, Tenor Tantrums is a refreshing example of the enormous possibilities of contemporary jazz. It’s the first recording by George Schuller and The Schulldogs, who’ve been active for around three years in various guises anchored by the Schuller brothers. This doubtless accounts for their seemingly telepathic interaction and their fluid incorporation of improv within larger compositional frameworks. The covers of Ornette’s Free and Bill Evans’s Loose Bloose function both as homages and as signposts to Schuller’s compositional aesthetic. The frontline sax pairing of respected veteran George Garzone and Tony Malaby, one of the brightest young talents to hit the downtown New York scene in the last few years, is inspired. Both combine deep knowledge of the tradition and a fearless yen for exploring new and fertile harmonic territory. They're equally at home ‘inside' or ‘outside' and their spirited interplay and ‘problem-solving' are worth the price of admission. The visceral thrill of two tenors in full cry is still a joy to behold, especially when so sympathetically matched. (Check out the title track.) Trumpeter David Ballou’s thoughtful yet crackling contributions on Free and The Symptoms are completely in sync with the free-wheeling spirit of the proceedings and deserve special mention.  Schuller’s crisp drumming and brother Ed’s robust bass subtly  propel the proceedings or pithily comment without lapsing into predictability.

Free, Slightly Round, URWUP, Tenor Tantrums, Loose Bloose, The Symptoms, Boogie Two Shoes, Nameless, No Hazmats 
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