Wendy Mae Chambers

Composer(s): Wendy Mae Chambers
Album Title: 122 
Cat. No.: 80526
Genre: Classical
Description: Michael Pugliese, Randy Crafton, Jason Cirker, Charles Kiger, Andy Bowman, Kory Grossman, Mark Belair, Dan McMillan, Frank Cassara, David Cossin, Jimmy Musto, Dominic Donato, percussion/ Howard Van Hyning, conductor

Wendy Mae Chambers (b. 1953) is known for the scope and originality of her works, typified by large and unusual instrumental combinations. In Chambers’s own words, “Twelve2 is a voodoo tone poem in eleven movements for twelve percussionists. Each movement is about 4 minutes [in length]. The last movement is 4'33" of lots of sound (in tribute to Cage's 4'33" of silence). Voodoo drumming [calls] forth Cage’s spirit and the bells, chimes, and gongs [celebrate] ... celestial qualities.

The work is a ritual to a great man ... [structured] by means of a New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Card “Tree of Life” reading. Each of the eleven cards (picked by chance) determines the character of a movement.” Twelve2’s instrumentation includes theremin, Chinese cymbals and gongs, five-tone marimbula, and bowed suspended cymbals. Over the eleven movements, Twelve2 traverses a myriad of moods-incantatory, shamanistic, mysterious, dream-like, orgiastic, whimsical, ethereal-all served up on a rich tonal and timbral palette, from thunderous percussive interludes to the delicate shimmers of Oriental chimes.

1. Snake Dancer
2. Dance
3. Snake of Deep Waters
4. Hoodoo Root Doctor
5. Wild Ride (Run the Mardi Gras)
6. The Barons
7. Shango
8. Manman Brigitte
9. The Sun
10. A Priest
11. Fire-Breathing Serpent 
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