Grafulla's Favorites

Composer(s): Claudio Grafulla, Keler-Bela
Album Title: Grafulla's Favorites 
Cat. No.: 80556
Genre: Classical
Description: Claudio Grafulla

Dodworth Saxhorn Band
Paul Eachus, conductor

Strike up the Band!

Claudio S. Grafulla (1810-1880) was one of the most well known and proficient band luminaries of the Civil War era. There is no doubt that Grafulla knew his craft well and was the master composer and arranger of military music of his time. He was perhaps the finest of all band composers of the mid-1800s. In 1860 he assumed the leadership of the 7th Regiment Band of New York, which was organized by two German immigrants named Kroll and Reitsel in 1853 and had a reputation for being avant garde. Grafulla led  the 7th regiment band for twenty-seven years. The band performed not only military music but popular music as well. This recording is the first ever devoted entirely to the work of this seminal figure in the development of the modern band in America. Among its numerous toe-tapping, head-bobbing delights are arrangements of themes from Verdi’s Ballo and Nabucco and Weber’s Der Freisch├╝tz, and Grafulla’s most widely known composition, the ever-popular Washington Greys March. Grafulla’s Favorites is an important reclamation of yet another piece of the mosaic of American music and is a must for  anyone interested in early American music, especially devotees of Civil War music and aficionados of band music.

The music is performed with great flair and flourish on original mid-nineteenth-century saxhorns by the Dodworth Saxhorn Band, a recreation of a nineteenth century community brass band.

Freischutz Quick Step; Empress Quick Step; Nabucca Quickstep; Friendship Quickstep; George Hart’s Quickstep; Ben Bolt Quickstep; Criterion Quick March; Grafulla’s Favorite Waltz; The Sultan, Grand March; Washington Greys March; Delavau’s Quickstep; Captain Shepherds’s Quickstep; Un Ballo in Maschera Quickstep; Hurrah Storm Galop 
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