Bending The Light

Composer(s): Judith Shatin, Marilyn Shrude, Dan Welcher, Ross Bauer, Peter Lieuwen, Marjorie Merryman
Album Title: Bending The Light 
Cat. No.: 80559
Genre: Classical
Description: Chamber Works by Ross Bauer, Peter Lieuwen, Marjorie Merryman, Judith Shatin, Marilyn Shrude, and Dan Welcher

The CORE Ensemble: Andrew Mark, cello; Hugh Hinton, piano; Michael Parola, percussion

Chamber music is the most personal of genres; the medium inspires the unique poetry of the individual soul.The six works presented here, five trios and one duet with amplification, speak their unique musical truths with distinctive voices.

All six composers make reference to non-musical imagery in titling and describing their works-
Dan Welcher's (b. 1948) Tsunami, Marilyn Shrude's (b. 1946) A Window Always Open on the Sea, and Ross Bauer's (b. 1951) Tributaries make reference to water or sea imagery; Marjorie Merryman's (b. 1951) Bending The Light and Peter Lieuwen's (b. 1954) Nocturne invoke ideas of light and darkness, and Judith Shatin's (b. 1949) 1492 draws an image of conflict from historical events.

These metaphors, drawn from nature and history, provide a portal into the unique shape and sound world of each piece. Working within an essentially tonal idiom stretched to accomodate their expressive intent, all six composers manage to create music rich in event and color, at times graphically descriptive or subtly suggestive. Virtuosity and emotion are wedded in exquisite and effective ways to create some fresh and rewarding repertory for the genre. 
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