David Kraehenbuehl

Composer(s): David Kraehenbuehl
Album Title: Random Walks 
Cat. No.: 80584
Genre: Classical
Description: Random Walks

The life and career of David Kraehenbuehl (1923–1997) spanned many worlds. Composer, performer, theorist, college professor, publisher, music education innovator-the job titles only scratch the surface of Kraehenbuehl’s passions and his impact on the musical world. Thousands of beginning piano students have delighted in his sprightly “March of the Trolls”; Catholic churches across the country have used his psalm settings, Service Music for the Mass. In founding the Yale Journal of Music Theory, he helped to establish the guiding principles of modern music theory and push that discipline into the realm of psychology.

Kraehenbuehl composed numerous works for piano, orchestra, voice, and many combinations of instruments. He studied with Paul Hindemith, one of the foremost twentieth-century composers, yet also found inspiration in early music. Although he often wrote in intricately organized forms governed by complex generative principles, he nevertheless always sought to create music with highly infectious immediate appeal. The piano was Kraehenbuehl’s first instrument, and it was the one to which he always returned. This recording, which he planned and programmed several years before his death, not only represents his concert oeuvre for solo piano, but spans the decades of a rich compositional career.

Diptych, Toccate per Cembalo, A Formal Triad, Toccata Sopra B-A-C-H: Tombeau de Bach, Random Walks: Studies in Controlled Randomness, Looking Back: Twelve Images from My Past 
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