Barney Childs

Composer(s): Barney Childs
Album Title: A music; that it might be... 
Cat. No.: 80595
Genre: Classical
Description: Phillip Rehfeldt, woodwinds; Ron George, percussion; Marco Schindelmann, reader

"Sometimes I wonder about what we are doing: the writing of music hardly anyone wants to hear is pretty well the bottom of the list in terms of today's consumer-approved activities although I concede there is something to be said for the preparation of a dictionary of pre-medieval Finno-Ugric. Anyway, there's the music; may those who wish use it as they may please."    
-Barney Childs

Barney Childs (1926–2000) is particularly noted for his innovative and influential scores that invite their performers' collaboration in the very construction of the works and in which indeterminacy and improvisation sit side by side with traditional forms of structure and notation; his early works show influences of Hindemith and Carter. Eclectic in nature, Childs's compositions freely explored diverse avenues of musical thought and drew inspiration from many sources, including traditional western concert music (especially that of such composers as Hindemith, Ives, Ruggles, and Copland), the open form works of John Cage, and jazz of all styles. The present recording is the first that is dedicated exclusively to his works and comprises ten compositions for woodwinds, including the now defunct E flat contrabass sarrusophone. The broad scope of Childs's eclectic compositional style is reflected in the techniques and structural elements used in these pieces-indeterminacy, improvisation, electronics, extended techniques, graphic notation scores, microtones, silence, and the spoken word, among others.  

Take 5 (1962)(flute with pre-recorded clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon); A music; that it might be.... (1973) (clarinet and pre-recorded clarinet); Grande Fantasie de Concert ("Masters of the Game") (1990) (solo clarinet); London Rice Wine (1973) (flute and "live" electronics); Pastoral (1983) (bass clarinet and electronic sounds); Instant Winners (1986) (solo E flat clarinet); Changes for Three Oboes (1959); Quartet for Bassoons (1958); The Golden Bubble (1967) (E flat contrabass sarrusophone and solo percussion); Variation on Night River Music (1969) (reader) 
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