John Cage/ Morton Feldman

Composer(s): John Cage, Morton Feldman
Album Title: John Cage/ Morton Feldman 
Cat. No.: 80664 (2 CDs)
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 06/2007
Description: John Cage: Music for Keyboard 1935–1948
Jeanne Kirstein, prepared piano, piano, and toy piano

Morton Feldman: The Early Years
David Tudor, Morton Feldman, Edwin Hymovitz, Russell Sherman, pianos; Matthew Raimondi, Joseph Rabushka, violins; Walter Trampler, viola; Seymour Barab, cello

This double-CD set combines two of the key titles of Columbia Records's legendary "Music of Our Time" series curated by David Behrman. Jeanne Kirstein's recording of Cage's early keyboard works remains a touchstone of Cagean interpretation notwithstanding the passage of time. Christian Wolff recalls, "I remember Cage saying that Jeanne Kirstein's playing caught the spirit in which the pieces were written at the time he wrote them-a kind of simple excitement and enthusiasm (also, surely, out of the discovery of the preparing of the piano and the great new sounds)."

The seminal 1959 Columbia LP that introduced Feldman's work to the listening public features historic performances that still resonate with passion and conviction more than four decades later. The works maybe divided into three categories: the earlier, precisely notated music (Extensions 1 for Violin and Piano, Extensions 4 for Three Pianos, Two Pieces for Two Pianos, Structures for String Quartet, Three Pieces for String Quartet); the first graphic notation pieces (Intersection 3 for Piano, Projection 4 for Violin and Piano); and the first free durational composition (Piece for Four Pianos).

To quote a prescient critic of the time, "[All eight works are] are full of spots, sparks and spangles of radiant color; a single note becomes an event of epical portent; the final result is to compact hours into seconds with an almost overwhelming intensity and depth of feeling."

John Cage: Two Pieces, Metamorphosis, Bacchanale, The Perilous Night, Tossed As It Is Untroubled, A Valentine Out of Season, Root of an Unfocus, Two Pieces for Piano, Prelude for Meditation, Music for Marcel Duchamp, Suite for Toy Piano, Dream

Morton Feldman: Piece for Four Pianos, Intersection 3 for Piano, Extensions 4 for Three Pianos, Two Pieces for Two Pianos, Projection 4 for Violin and Piano, Structures for String Quartet, Extensions 1 for Violin and Piano, Three Pieces for String Quartet 
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