Composer(s): Johanna Beyer, Lois V Vierk, Joan La Barbara, James Tenney, Larry Polansky
Album Title: io 
Cat. No.: 80665
Genre: Classical / Solo Instrumental
Release Date: 06/2009
Description: Io
Flute Music by Johanna Beyer, Joan La Barbara, Larry Polansky, James Tenney, and Lois V Vierk

Margaret Lancaster, flutes; with Beth Griffith, soprano (Have Faith!)/Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Matthew Gold, marimba, percussion (Io and Piker, track 9)

"Margaret Lancaster has burst onto the scene as our leading proponent of the avant-garde flute . . . What distinguishes Lancaster is her versatility, her willingness to let her flute be the focus of anything from technopop to theater to tap dancing, along with a breathless fluidity of line that raises every performance above the merely technically correct…."-Kyle Gann, Village Voice

This gathering of music by five composers spanning more than 70 years demonstrates the richness and possibility of the stylistic freedom that is sometimes called the American experimental tradition. Timelessly potent for their careful exploration of musical material, these are works which have no cause to be esoteric, by leading American composers who deserve much higher regard. And in the hands of a performer and new-music advocate, Margaret Lancaster, who curates her repertoire with an attention to a continuum which composer Johanna Beyer calls "future, present, past," we are given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how this tradition lives. These are all, with the exception of Seegersong #2, world-premiere recordings. 
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