CRI Update

Digitization of Composers Recordings, Inc. LP Catalog Now Complete
New World Records is pleased to announce the completion of our project to re-issue the CRI LP catalog in digital form. Approximately 350 titles, representing that part of the catalog of Composers Recordings, Inc. which had not previously been re-issued, are now available as on-demand CD-Rs and will soon be available as downloads.

This catalog, comprising works by many of the most important American composers of the twentieth century—among them Henry Cowell, Otto Luening, Ned Rorem and George Crumb—has been unavailable since the end of the LP era. Hard-to-find gems by the likes of George Antheil, Easley Blackwood, Julian Carrillo, John Eaton, Robert Erickson, Ben Johnston, Hall Overton, Quincy Porter, and Robert Ward can once again be heard. New World is proud to have restored these treasures of our musical heritage to general availability.

All titles have been carefully transferred from the 
original tapes but have not been remastered—i.e. they are “flat” 

CRI (Composers Recordings, Inc.), a non-profit label devoted to works by American composers, was founded in 1954 by composers Otto Luening and Douglas Moore, and Oliver Daniel of BMI. Dedicated to the promotion of new music by American composers, CRI issued more than 800 recordings over its 49-year history. Ownership of the CRI catalog was assumed by New World Records in 2006.

For further information, please contact Paul Herzman, New World Records, 20 Jay Street, Suite 1001, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Tel. 646-442-7939; Fax (646) 224-9638;

The entire CRI CD catalog of titles, with the exception of those that have been reissued on New World itself, is also available as premium-quality burn-on-demand CDs. New World/CRI on-demand CD-Rs include the original liner notes and cover art. The price is the same as that for regular New World CDs and all special offers are also applicable. To facilitate identification, the original catalog numbers have been maintained, except that they are now preceded by the NWCR prefix. For a complete listing of New World/CRI CD titles, please click here. To search for specific titles, please click here.

If you have a specific question about any CRI title please direct it to Paul Herzman at