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Christian Wolff: Ten Exercises
By David Lewis

New World Records's Christian Wolff: Ten Exercises takes an all-star cast through 12 performances derived from his open scores published as Exercises 1–14 (1973–74) and Exercises 15–18 (1974–75) works that, played end to end, might last a little over two hours...The group here is especially well suited to interpreting Wolff, and Rzewski is a particularly a strong participant, given his gorgeous solo reading of the Satie-esque Exercise 15 and his excellent liner notes for the disc, reprinted from the preface for Wolff's book Cues: Writings and Conversations...As Rzewski states it: "These scores do not de/prescribe the final resulting sound picture, but provide a map along which the players may travel." The result is vaguely jazzy, loose, unpretentious music that celebrates the little things in life, and the acoustic of the old barn suits Wolff's music to a "T." More