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The Art of David Tudor (7 CD set) 80737-2

Fanfare Magazine
"This is a remarkable collection of his work, really a set of signposts over a wide and twisting career arc, that... helps clarify his originality and contribution.... Tudor almost invented out of whole cloth a practice of live interactive electronic music, something that now is prevalent worldwide and across a vast stylistic platform."

New Music Box
"I would highly recommend purchasing the physical box, as it is beautifully presented, with each disc in its own photo-laden sleeve, packaged with a substantial book of liner notes (including some sketches and diagrams of Tudor's various setups) written by electronic musician/performer/educator Matt Rogalsky. Despite the fact that most of these works cannot be recreated, they are nevertheless of great importance to the development of electronic music and its performance history."

Wire Magazine
"What emerges from this detailed retrospective is the portrait of a scrupulous and thorough performer pushing the compositional process beyond traditional notions of musicianship and into the terrain of live electronics, where his technical innovations using hardwired tabletop devices are yet to be fully appreciated."

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