'Spiew Juchasa/Song of the Shepherd: Songs of the Slavic Americans
The Artist and His Mother, c. 1926-36 by Arshile Gorky
Liner Notes   Cat. No. 80283     Release Date: 1977-01-01


By the early eighteen-nineties it was clear that Thomas Edison's crude 1877 invention had immense potential as an entertainment device. Phonographs were being designed and marketed by a number of companies. Records of popular songs and dance music were being turned out regularly for an eager audience. A sizable portion of that audience included immigrants from Europe and Asia who were still arriving in large numbers searching for political freedom and expanded economic opportunities. Music from Slavic countries had exerted considerable influence on popular music in the nineteenth century. The polka, from Bohemia, was the rage of American ballrooms by the eighteen-forties. Frédéric Chopin had begun even earlier to compose popular art music in the form of the polonaises and mazurkas that were a part of the dance music of his native Poland. These and other foreign-born elements were still threads of the American musical fabric in the nineties.Polkas and mazurkas were among the earliest offerings in record-company catalogues.


If the focus of this record is relatively narrow, the quality of the music is fresh and vibrant in spite of the half century that has passed since this music was made. The record offers a concentrated look at one area of eastern Europe through the music of its transplanted peoples. The many other recordings they have made over the years equally deserve attention and further reissuing, as does the music of all the others who brought old traditions to the New World and preserved them for us on recordings.

Cover Art

Detail from "The Artist and His Mother c. 1926-36 by Arshile Gorky

Various Artists

'Spiew Juchasa/Song of the Shepherd: Songs of the Slavic Americans

Track Listing

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Oberek Pulawiak (Oberek from Pulawy)
Zawzieta Dziewczyna (Stubborn Girl)
Wspomnienia Sabaly (Reminiscences of Sabala)
"Na Obi Nogi" Polka ("On Two Feet" Polka)
Piesn Zbojnikow (Song of the Bandits)
Nie Bede Sie Zynl (I Will Not Marry)
'Spiew Jushasa (Song of the Shepherd)
Zakopiariska Piosnka (Song from Zakopane)
Dye Se Dolu Bialka (Down the Bialka Valley)
Kozak Zawydija (Fast Kozak)
Bohacki Zaruczyny (Engagement Ceremony Among the Rich)
Na Wesiliu pid Chatoju (At a Wedding Under the Eaves)
Ukrainskyj Trisak (Ukranian Trisak)
Sztajer z Gory Baraniej(Dance from theSheep Mtns.)
Hutzulka w Semereczyni (Hutzulka from Semereczyn)
Poprawyny (Second-Day Wedding Feast)
Wiwczar na Supyici (Shepherd Playing the Flute)

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