Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 3
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCR672     Release Date: 1994-01-01

Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Susan Stenger, flute; Marilyn Gibson, violin; Joshua Gordon, cello, Yiu Kwong Chung, percussion; Tom Goldstein, percussion, Sheri Bauer, piano; Bunita Marcus, Conductor; Mark Stewart, Bill Anderson, John Tamburello, electric guitars; Robert Black, electric bass; Pamela Warrick Smith, mezzo-soprano; Elizabeth Brown, flute; Mary Rowell, violin; Jonathan Storck, bass

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble: (Kwangwon Lee, violin soloist; Paula Swartz, trumpet; Bryan Wineberg, trumpet; Cinnamon Creeden, flute; Alice Lenaghan, flute; Scott Best, bass; Will Chase, percussion; Matthew Duvall, percussion; David Mancuso, percussion; Katja Murphy, percussion; Ropert Ponto, Conductor

Lydian String Quartet: Daniel Stepner, violin; Judith Eissenberg, violin; Martha Ruth Ray, viola; Rhonder Rider, cello

Like the ancient tradition of a drumming circle, in which many beats, tempos, and riffs collide and continue in headlong cohesion, the annual Bang on a Can Festival is a collaborative event in which musical freedom reigns, and in which energies and ideas blossom and build into a unique expression of the beauty of our own time and place.

The bottom line of Bang on a Can programming might be simply: “what’s wild and weird and has integrity.” The emphasis has always been on presenting new and truly adventuresome talents. Emerging composers from the U.S., Canada, and abroad are listed as equals beside such eminent names as Feldman, Cage, and Glass. Over the years, the festival has also included a significant amount of music by such “academic” masters as Carter, Xenakis, and Stockhausen, as well as works by important mid-career composers (those caught between the labels “emerging” and “master”).

Return to the image of a circle: all who are present have an equal voice. The young and impetuous, and the old and wise each have their say, and it is up to the listeners and other participants to make judgments and draw distinctions. The Bang on a Can Festival is that free forum that gives composers a new context in which to be heard.


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Various Artists

Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 3

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   Liner Notes

Track Listing

I Kick My Hand
Nick Didkovsky
Adam & Eve
Bunita Marcus
Lizard Belly Moon
Mary Wright
Colores Ultraviolados
Orlando Jacinto Garcia
Paul Reller
Lung Ta
Linda Bouchard