Julián Carrillo: Mass for Pope John XXIII
Julián Carrillo: Mass for Pope John XXIII
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL246     Release Date: 2010-01-15
Chorale des Professeurs de Musique de la Ville de Paris; Robert Blot, conductor

Julián Carrillo (1875–1965) was one of the originators of microtonal music as it is known in the Western world—others were Busoni, Hába, and Vischnegradsky. Carrillo began his microtonal experiments as a student of acoustics at Mexico’s National Conservatory in 1895; he called his results by a generic name, el sonido trece (the thirteenth sound), by which he meant the moment the traditional twelve-tone scale was “broken” not only by quarter-tones, but by all other intervals smaller than a semitone.

While Carrillo’s historical reputation is almost entirely concerned with his compositions and theories in microtones, this music filled his mind only during the last one-third of his life. Earlier, he was known as a violinist of exceptional ability, a gifted conductor and orchestra builder, and a patriotic composer.

The Mass For Pope John XXIII was composed during the final period of Carrillo’s life, when he was known and even revered throughout the Western world. Carrillo enabled the whole orchestra to play his music by composing in a neo-baroque concerto-grosso-format, whereby the “classically” tuned orchestra represented the ripieno and the new sonido trece was used by the smaller concertino group. The Mass was his penultimate work, composed when he was in full command of his expanded musical resources. ... The music is sung with remarkable precision and flexibility by a group of male voices. It was recorded in Paris under the supervision of the composer himself.

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Chorale des Professeurs de Musique de la Ville de Paris

Julián Carrillo: Mass for Pope John XXIII

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Mass for Pope John the XXIII (1962)
JuliÌÁn Carrillo