Staff Directory

Lisa Kahlden

646.442.7929  ~  lkahlden (at)

Herman Krawitz
hkrawitz (at)

Matthew Schickele
Graphics & Marketing 
mschickele (at)

Paul Tai
Vice-President/Director of Artists & Repertory
ptai (at)

Samuel Weinberg
New World Records/DRAM Metadata Manager
646.442.7939  ~  sweinberg (at)

Nate Wooley
Library Relations; Chief Curator, DRAM/Sound American
nwooley (at)

Contact Information

Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc. - New World Records/DRAM
304 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

You may reach us via phone or fax at the following numbers:

Phone (general): 212.290.1680
Phone (DRAM): 646.442.7929
Fax: 646.224.9638

New World Records staff are available from 10:00 - 6:00 EST to answer any specific questions you may have, or you may reach us via email at