John Melby: Concerto for Violin, English Horn, & Tape; James Tenney: Saxony
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL528     Release Date: 2018-10-20
Gregory Fulkerson, violin; Thomas Stacy, English horn; David Liptak, conductor; David Mott, saxophone

“As a composer, I have a certain aversion to providing program notes about my pieces, a feeling which is shared by many, although certainly not all, of my colleagues. I feel that such notes often do more harm than good, since they sometimes predispose the listener to certain modes of listening which are inappropriate to the content of the work. Therefore, I would ask the listener, if possible, to disregard what I or anyone else may have to say about the piece and just listen, which, after all, is all that any composer can ask of his or her audience.”
—John Melby

“The score of Saxony specifies a temporal sequence of ‘available pitches’ to be used by the player as the basis for improvisation. This improvisation may be quite free rhythmically, expressively, even stylistically, but it is completely controlled, harmonically, by the fact that pitches given are those of the first 32 harmonic partials of a low E-flat. A cumulative tape-delay system is used to create both a rich vertical sonority and a complex polyphonic texture via canonic replications of the player’s melodic improvisation. The piece was commissioned by the Ontario Arts Council and first performed by Don MacMillan in 1978.”
—James Tenney

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Various Artists

John Melby: Concerto for Violin, English Horn, & Tape; James Tenney: Saxony

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Track Listing

Concerto for Violin, English Horn, and Computer Synthesized Tape
John Melby
James Tenney