96 Gestures
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCR2001     Release Date: 2001-01-01

Carrie Biolo, vibraphone; Stephen Dembski, conductor; Scott Fields, electric guitar; Francois Houle, clarinet; Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, oboe, English horn; Joseph Jarman; alto saxophone, E flute; Rob Mazurek; cornet; Myra Melford, piano; Jason Roebke, double bass; Damon Short, drum kit; Hans Sturm, double bass; Matt Turner, cello; Dylan van der Schyff, drum kit

The Scott Fields Ensemble represents key players in some of North America's most significant creative-music communities, from Brooklyn (Jarman and Melford) to Vancouver, BC (Houle and van der Schyff), and from Chicago (Biolo, Hunsinger, Mazurek, and Short) to the virtual community that is scattered across America's small cities and towns (the rest of the ensemble).

Anytime I’ve conducted this work, I’ve been determined not to decide in advance what the ultimate shape of the piece would be or even how it would start. It could make the direction of this piece simpler if some decisions were made prior to the conductor's first indications. But improvisation is integral to the piece, for the conductor as well as the players.

So, with this expanse of musical material before me, I found myself plotting the future of a musical form even as I might be cueing one group of musicians to begin a gesture over the improvisation of several others. The richness of the labyrinthine relationships among the gestures magnifies the impact of choices the conductor might make —Stephen Dembski

This title, originally issued on the CRI label, is now available for order from New World Records as an on-demand CD (CD-R). It can also be downloaded in MP3/320, FLAC and/or WAV format(s).

Scott Fields Ensemble

96 Gestures

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